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Go to: Should creationism be taught in British classrooms?

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The question is: which creation 'story' do they tell...the Judeo-Christian one, the Hindu one(s), the Austrailian Aboriginal one or the one with a bit of evidence behind it?

How about all of them and it should show how the Judeo-Christian one is in the same class as the other non-evolutionary ones.

While they are at it they could also start teaching kids about the 2800 deities that people have thought have existed. Stick them on a time-line and show the current stock are young ones and not the first gods to have been dreamt up.

Wed, 07 Apr 2010 10:22:00 UTC | #456664

Go to: Free Expression Cartoon Contest Winners Announced

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Well done, Alex.

I loved seeing it in Private Eye first time round.

I thought it was 'lovely' and subtle using slept with. Using harsher language would have killed the message. People would have focussed on the shock value of using the harsher words. Using 'slept' allows a person to get the point and they will interpret it as 'rape, 'screwed', buggered.

As with a lot of social comment the message the cartoon gives you is more important than the shock value in some cases. This one especially.

To use stronger words would have allowed people to complain about the cartoon using rape etc in the thoughts of a priest and hence be able to attack the cartoon. As the judge said: there ain't no way that can happen with this version. You can't get much milder than slept but the message is exactly the same.

It makes it even more insidious in a way.

Thu, 01 Apr 2010 10:36:00 UTC | #454808

Go to: Ratzinger is the Perfect Pope

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Wow, and I thought I could have a good rant on a subject...that really raises the bar...excellent precis of the whole affair.

Thee really is no way one can have a reasoned conversation on this subject.

A world-waide powerful organisation allowed it's employees to rape children and when they were found out covered it all up while still preaching some god's word and telling everyone they are sinners.

If there was one state that the US should really invade it's the Vatican state...hell, we know they were up for it with Iraq and Afghanistan...someone write a dodgy dossier on there being oil nuder the Vatican...that should be all the US needs to invade...oh no, that's the way the UK government invades...the US go in for regime change...Obama takes over the Vatican...yup, that would be proof he's the antichrist for many Yanks.

Mon, 29 Mar 2010 10:33:00 UTC | #453618

Go to: Richard Dawkins - What if you are wrong - South Park take off

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Dawkins doesn't get South Park in the same way that the Archbishop of Canterbury doesn't get atheism.

The RDF is to religion what South Park is to the Simpsons.

They both want seemingly want the best for everyone but go about it in two totally different ways.

Fri, 05 Mar 2010 22:47:00 UTC | #446856

Go to: An Apology

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I agree with nancynancy's comment 474. When something happens on a forum full of passionate people the bubble can go up.

I have only scanned what has happened with the forum and it does seem to have been handled badly.

BUT it does seem that the forum will remain...if in an evolved form...and as we know evolution can both improve and reduce the effectness of something.

Hopefully, people who have flounced off in a huff will flounce back like most of us do when we get grouchy about things happening on forums.

That's what happens when such passionate people get together.

I think we should all hug, forgive everyone, sing Kumbayya and think of what Jesus would have done...OK, I've gone too far there are some people here I'd never hug...

It's not been a nice experience but give Prof Dawkins his due, he and his 'little helpers' have given us something that should be continued...wounds will heal...people will learn lessons...that's what life is all about...shit...this is starting to feel like a 'THought For the Day'...Peter Hearty where are you!!!

Mon, 01 Mar 2010 20:46:00 UTC | #445602

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