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Thu, 31 Dec 2009 19:16:00 UTC | #427213

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Hi Stewart,

I thought I'd chime in. While Tyler Durden and phasmagigas are right, it sounds like you are genuinely interested in learning more about this stuff. Not familiar with talking about it, you are getting a bit beat up here. I think many of your questions are natural, and your assertions are not too unexpected, especially if you come from a religious background. We deal with all kinds of crazy people here, so when someone like you comes along asking some basic questions, we are already bent out of shape and can lash out a bit. Please excuse any hostility.

Anyway, it's great that you are starting to read about evolution! I know how you feel: it does not seem possible for the complexity of all life on earth to come about by natural means. However, if you keep reading, one day you will understand that it can. That day will likely be a day of overwhelming beauty for you. When I first fully realized how it could work, how it must work, how such a simple process could lead to such bewildering complexity, I was in total awe, and wouldn't shut up about it for a week!

So, keep reading, but remember to keep an open mind. If you try to explain everything in biblical terms (e.g., "the fall"), you will spend so much time twisting and turning that you will get nowhere. You don't have to give up on your beliefs, but maybe try taking a "belief holiday." Avoid imposing biblical ideas while you read the arguments. See if they make sense in their own light. When you are done, go back to compare and contrast with your beliefs. Question which ones make the most sense. If you allow yourself to do that, perhaps you will still find that your old beliefs make the most sense. In that case, your faith will be that much stronger. On the other hand, perhaps you may find your old beliefs to be incorrect. In either case, I think you will come away a better, more educated person. I know I did.

Best of luck!
-The Count

P.S. There is no substitute for reading, but here are a few videos which might shed some light on things:

Wed, 11 Nov 2009 16:20:00 UTC | #412806

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I love this! What a perfect time to send a shock wave through the already ailing church body. We know that one of the major things that turns people away from religion is when they start considering other faiths. (Indeed, this is what convinced Richard Dawkins to become an atheist, as he has mentioned many times.)

If you are an Anglican, but suddenly your church leaders tells you that it would be better for the whole church to become Catholic, then the seeds of doubt may be planted.

If you are a Catholic, seeing your pope philandering with the Anglicans, chances aren't bad that you will see it for what it is: a disparate by the captain of a slowly sinking ship. Who would want to stay aboard?

For those of you who are worried that this means the Catholic church will be gaining in power, I see it as a light bulb growing bright right before it dies out.

Good riddance.

Mon, 26 Oct 2009 14:31:00 UTC | #408594

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Here are Tim Minchin tour dates in the UK and Australia!

Sadly, I'll be out of town when he comes through. Make sure to post about it if you see him!

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 07:26:00 UTC | #375092

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ColdFusionLazarus -

As for my own superstition: I have a nasty tendency to be be quite worried about getting out of bed after a bad dream. Shameful of me I know. How very shameful.

Hang in there! I had the same thing--I would always jump out of bed so that no monsters would grab my ankles! ("Why not?" I thought, "It doesn't take much more effort anyway," but the price you pay is living in an irrational world.) This continued into my early 20's. I finally decided it was silly, and the feeling that there was something under the bed went away within about 5 years.

Unknowingly training yourself to think a certain way every day apparently requires a lot of reverse training to undo it. Even when I quit believing in God intellectually, he still looked over my shoulder for a few years.

F_A_F -

Well said sir. It seems that this idea might have potential for an advertising campaign! (One would have to be careful to make sure that we don't come off like a bunch of sex fiends, not that there is anything wrong with being a sex fiend!)

Fri, 22 May 2009 17:07:00 UTC | #363185

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