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I love how the previews of the three videos looks like serial killers.

Mon, 22 Aug 2011 16:47:09 UTC | #863233

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Sam goes to the heart of the argument and stabs it repeatedly! It is so refreshing to see a person actually practicing clear thinking and honest talking about the implications of religious concepts. If Sam could be president of my country, I would give him the job.

Tue, 24 May 2011 20:59:01 UTC | #630432

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I would just like to clear up that I think their general approach is quite good. They do generally take their time to listen and respond directly to each individual caller.

While Matt is by far the best debater on the show, Tracy get's the gold star from me when it comes to general attitude and angle. The guys have a tendency to appeal to a person's shame and the power of their arguments, the girls usually take a bit softer and, in my opinion, more effective approach using compassion and emotional investment. When Matt and Tracy both host, I really enjoy myself - talk about combining two different but equally effective methods.

It's usually better to ask really good questions than lecturing, like Socrates did. Letting people come to their own conclusions is better than making them for them.

Sun, 27 Feb 2011 18:50:13 UTC | #596993

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Comment 74 by helena! :

Comment 69 by Delogic

Obviously you have not seen many episodes. Otherwise you would have seen Matt speak in the same manner as Jeff many many times. Matt one time swore at this lady and hung up on her. I thought it was fantastic. That would really put you off probably mr. tone policeman.

I believe I've already mentioned Matt's outbursts when hanging up on callers already, and already said that I believe he can handle those situations better. They know full well that the majority of callers are going to be profoundly ignorant and brainwashed. Getting frustrated when you don't get any progress with these people is counterproductive. Better to accept the fact and make the best of it. You say you thought it was fantastic, so you got something out of it - but that's not the goal of the show. It is to hopefully spread some knowledge and enlighten those trapped in dogma.

Excessive need to vent your frustration, insult and call out people are classic sign of problems with self-esteem and/or aggression. It is usually what social outcasts and the ill-adjusted do. General grumpiness, a short fuse and bitterness to the world around you are also signs of this. In another later episode where this situation was discussed, Matt admitted that Jeff could be a bit of a "Firebrand", and his co-host at the time agreed.

Anyway so we disagree. So what.

Yeah, so what, whatever, I don't care, etc. I think you perhaps should care about what other people think about you, the effectiveness of your conduct and the impact you have on the people. Anarchy seems tempting until you actually face it's consequences and start to participate and interact properly with other people. Then cooperation might be more tempting.

I'm interested to get your opinion as to why do you think I am such a huge fan of Jeff. I know I am not the only one who feels this way.

Without psychoanalyzing too much, I think the reason you you like Jeff is that you can relate strongly to his personality; from what I can see of your posts, your profile picture and the way you argue your case. I think you should ask yourself a question: do you like what Jeff does because his methods are effective, or because it grants you satisfaction and validation?

I don't doubt that many find Jeff refreshing. He's doing what many people are hesitant to do, and he does speak plainly and straight forward - perhaps what some people need. But then there's the fact that he isn't just speaking about somebody's belief. He's responding to somebody on the other end of the line. Add to this that when he comments, he more often than not simply tears down somebody's argument and doesn't offer any guidance or solutions (Matt or somebody else usually has to step in), I think it's pretty clear what his goals are.

And btw, Tone Police? So any conduct on the show is acceptable? Any amount of abuse should be allowed? No host is better than the others? Where would you draw the line, I'm curious to know, as I think we can both agree it has to be drawn somewhere..

Sat, 26 Feb 2011 16:02:31 UTC | #596558

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Comment 58 by helena! :

Comment 56 by Delogic

I couldn't disagree with you more. What I can't stand is "tone police" and it appear to me that is what you are. It's tiring really. Actually I detest the tone police I find them so fake and disingenuous.
.... So clearly since my opinion is also just as valid as yours so perhaps you are not correct in your assumptions.

My opinion's validity are based upon my logic and arguments, as are presumably everyone on this site I would hope.

Tempering your knee-jerk reactions and instincts and relying on intellect and tact to convince your opponent that they're wrong is fake and disingenous? I would call it wise. We're all able to speak from the gut on whatever issue is at hand, but in a conversation we all must uphold a minimum of civility to keep it from derailing, crashing and burning.

More often than not, Jeff's outbursts interrupts and throws off any attempts by Matt to prove a point or a fallacy in the caller's arguments. The caller's call in and seek a discussion with the hosts, not to be throughly insulted and cut off. No matter what their opinion or views, if they have the decency to uphold those minimum standards, so should the hosts. All the other hosts manage this, but Jeff. Are they being "fake and disingenuous" too?

You could ask the question who's benefiting from these outbursts. I personally get the feeling that Jeff does it to feel good himself - as an outlet from some personal frustration. I think it's clear he has issues when he reacts so strongly to the things he does. Surely the point of the show is not to ridicule and create entertainment by humiliation. I personally get a wonderful feeling when a point is made exactly the way Matt did at the end of this video.

And sure, you might try to undercut my legitimacy by assuming that I haven't watched hours upon hours of the show, or that I'm a part of some group that seeks to curb honesty, but perhaps you should try instead to convince me that Jeff's behavior is actually benefitting anybody else but himself - that I'm open to.

Fri, 25 Feb 2011 23:59:27 UTC | #596290

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