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Second G_Wyn. It's one thing to follow an analysis of "the problem", it's another thing to endorse just about any solution.

Geert Wilders is not OK in my book. Not because he warns against islamist views and influences, but because his "solutions" are crap. Dangerous crap. And because he is not an academic researcher, but a politician, looking for a vote-wagon.

Sun, 25 Oct 2009 22:13:00 UTC | #408385

Go to: Health Care Debate Based on Lack of Logic

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The strange thing is that people opposed to universal health care flat out refuse to take two facts into consideration: 1) the US health care system is both the most expensive and least efficient health care system in the developed world. 2) it's mostly the corporate world that pushes health care reform, because even they can't pay the current system anymore. What confuses me is that at the same time the US claims to be such a "moral" country.

Thu, 27 Aug 2009 20:07:00 UTC | #392214

Go to: Ankara Shows Its Hand

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Lastgreekstanding. I am not saying Turkey is ready today to join the EU. If you think I am, I maybe was too subtle. Or maybe, you should reread my comment.
Ireland has already joined and has some pretty backward laws still. That to me, in a EU context is a bigger problem. (not wanting to suggest that on a larger scale, the Kurdish problem, or Cyprus are less important than abortion laws in Ireland, but I am still talking EU here, not comparing the world's problems)
The question of inclusion is not one's history, or one's prevailing religion. That would be very un-European. I don't want to point at any EU country and say "remember that episode of your history?". Otoh, I perfectly accept you pointing at my country, we have a very horrid, still fairly recent history of abuse on a very very large scale. For the curious, I am Dutch, living in Belgium, which gives me points for both Congo and Indonesia - and then some. Which is sort of my point. We don't want a repeat of this type of thing.
Accepting a member who hasn't mended his ways, would be wrong. Not accepting a member who has, but has a history, would be so completely against the reason the EU excists. Germany is a most valued and indispensible EU member. Think about that for two seconds and you may get my point - whether you agree or not.

Mon, 27 Apr 2009 11:33:00 UTC | #353944

Go to: Ankara Shows Its Hand

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Turkey is a NATO member, as many commented. Sadly, there is not one state in Europe that can be considered 100% religion free in its legislation. Singling out Turkey for this, is silly. Yes, it has a muslim majority.
But the real issue at hand was their Kurdish problem, which they don't seem to be able to solve in a civilised way. In this, they are not unique. UK, Spain and lots of new member states have comparable problems.

The fact that Turkey is a nationalist state with a history of war, suppression and genocide, makes them a prime candidate for EU membership.

For those not actually from the EU, it is a collection of memberstates that has grown from a purely economical country agreement, starting with Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg, to try and create a Europe where disputes will never ever be decided through warfare.

Including Turkey - if it can abide by the set of rules all members need to abide by, and which e.g. the UK constantly tries to boycot - makes good sense.

Not including them, just because they have a muslim majority, in this world, day and age, simply translates to "we prefer our members to be Christian by descent and influence".

I am an atheist, a firm believer in the EU and almost dayly have close contact with stupid muslims or their victims (mostly also muslims), people who live in a small world full of hate and fear. But I refuse to let this cloud my judgment on geopolitics.

I don't particularly like Turkey, but show me one European country that hasn't at one time or another done a bit of genocide. I know my country has. Yours as well. Want to bet? That's exactly why we have the EU. Not a VIP club, but a "let's talk about this and make common law" union.

If Turkey can prove it can be fair and just with all its citizens, if it chooses modern, enlightened solutions in its policies, including Cyprus, if it can reach the economical markers, then by all means, let them join.

If not, tough luck. I'd rather have them pissing out than pissing in, so to speak.

Sun, 26 Apr 2009 04:53:00 UTC | #353531

Go to: Aliens need Christ's redemption, too

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Strange that he didn't talk about scientology.

This science fiction writer says "I will make a religion", he makes a religion and puts himself on top of it. Lack of imagination? Lack of religion? I say, "top that you silly detective writers!"

Him already speak with forked tongue.

Sun, 29 Jun 2008 23:48:00 UTC | #191467

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