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Go to: Potentially Universal Mechanism Of Aging Identified

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Heh... two days late of /.

Some of the comments are very worthwhile:

Also, I would highly recommend the following TED talk on immortality.

I fear people like him are being destroyed by drugs/social suppression. (He would be identified as having ADD/ADHD in the US)

Mon, 01 Dec 2008 15:37:00 UTC | #281020

Go to: Anti-terror law requires God be acknowledged

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Short answer: It probably isn't... just no one has taken the charge to sue the state over it.

Fri, 28 Nov 2008 20:39:00 UTC | #279432

Go to: Obama will move to veto Bush laws

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@ Carto: The ACLU has a good chance (as far as I can tell, but I'm no constitutional lawyer) of winning their case reversing Prop 8:

Also, I heard whispers a while back of Obama wanting to abolish the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy so that we stop losing talented men and women in our armed forces.

I have a friend who would, the day that Obama abolishes it, re-up.

Edit: typo

Sun, 09 Nov 2008 23:02:00 UTC | #267456

Go to: Children need to be sprinkled with fairy dust

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I'm surprised I am the first to say I enjoy every week delving into the realm of fantasy known as Dungeons & Dragons.

I find it delightful to imagine and pretend such things... and, at least from my point of view, it doesn't seem to be causing any harm.

And if any of you disagree, you can roll a Charisma check to resist my Intimidate: 1d20 18=36

Mon, 27 Oct 2008 23:21:00 UTC | #259298

Go to: Convert or we will kill you, Hindu lynch mobs tell fleeing Christians

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Bribes and trickery equate to rape, murder and arson. Your argument only goes downhill from there.

If this was a mass "bribery and trickery" of christians to convert... no one would really care.

If you can change your faith over money, did you really believe in it?

After watching the video you posted: It's wrong, sure, but it still doesn't equate to what is currently going on.

Sun, 19 Oct 2008 11:50:00 UTC | #253063

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