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Go to: Sometimes, it really is hard to tell faith from a mental illness

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Having watched that very sad clip, it does make it just that little easier for us to understand how some religious people get so carried away that they will do the most irrational things in the name of their faith – such as blowing themselves up.

I have long held the view that religious beliefs are a form of mental illness. We all have illnesses from time to time in our lives. I have long-term arthritis and it would not be fair to criticise me for having that problem. Equally, I would not criticise someone who is unfortunate enough to have a mental sickness. But – and this is the big difference – I have sought treatment for my condition; most people seek (or are persuaded to seek) treatment for mental illnesses. So it could be argued that those of us who are fortunate enough not to be afflicted by the specific mental disorder of religiosity have an obligation to show compassion and help the unfortunates who are not so lucky. How we go about doing that is another matter.


Sat, 01 May 2010 09:36:00 UTC | #464500

Go to: Special legal protection of Christianity 'divisive, capricious and arbitrary'

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Christianity deserves no protection in law above other faiths and to do so would be “irrational” , “divisive, capricious and arbitrary”, a senior judge said today,.....

Note. The judge only said “other faiths” but made no mention of “non-faith”. That surely implies prejudice against non-believers.


Thu, 29 Apr 2010 17:35:00 UTC | #464009

Go to: Pope 'could cancel UK visit' over 'offensive' Foreign Office memo

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Quote: "If any enterprising manufacturer of rubber goods has the courage to market "Benedict Condoms" I would certainly buy them."

The original document (including do a jig with the Queen, or whatever) was clearly in jest so for the RCC to take offence just shows how humourless its members are.

Question. The RCC doctrine is that sex is for reproduction only, hence the ban on artificial contraception. Older men who might benefit from Viagra are usually well past the reproductive age (well, certainly their partners are likely to be – unless the man is very lucky!). So does the RCC ban the use of Viagra (or Cialis and similar)? After all, it is purely a recreational drug (but it sure does work!)


Sun, 25 Apr 2010 19:23:00 UTC | #462775

Go to: Ministers apologise for insult to Pope

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Robert Pigott, BBC religious affairs correspondent
writes:”...... Perhaps most damaging of all, it could leave an impression that the Pope might be regarded as a figure of fun less than five months before his visit to Britain.”

Now that really IS an astute observation!


Sun, 25 Apr 2010 05:40:00 UTC | #462546

Go to: Bring the Pope to Justice

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Quote PrimeNumbers: "I'm disgusted by Clegg, Brown and Cameron for not condeming Ratzinger on the debate."

Again they all missed the point in thinking that pandering to the religious will win them votes. On the contrary. If one of them had the guts to condemn the Pope's visit, he would almost certainly have gained far more votes than he would lose.


Sat, 24 Apr 2010 18:19:00 UTC | #462432

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