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Go to: Debate - Hitchens, Harris, Dennett vs Boteach, D'Souza, Wright

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Just started watching, and happy to say that Boteach has been promoted to join one of those i adore. Up there with Cameron and comfort, d'Souza, the list goes on. These are those people that talk so much nonsense that they are probably good for the advancement of the spread of science.
Boteach "If the moon was closer then the tides would bring the oceans up and life wouldnts have been able to exist" HAHAHAHA, that is great. Someone obviously havent told him how the moon got there.

Mon, 16 Nov 2009 05:33:00 UTC | #413721

Go to: Common New Atheist Fallacies

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It took him 4 minutes to say, "ad hominem"

Interestingly though, he is another that takes the stand point that, if an atheist says god is not real, then it is up to the atheist to prove it. The burden of proof isnt on the atheist to prove the non-existence of god, just as the burden of proof isnt on scientists to prove that i cant fly like superman.

Anyone wanting to make claims, or as the famous quote goes, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Thus if you want to claim that there is a metaphysical/ supernatural being looking over us all. Fine, i will believe you, but the burden of proof is on you to show me that what you are saying is in fact true, and you arent just running me up the path with the Manson Family.

Tue, 01 Jul 2008 17:09:00 UTC | #192417

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