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Go to: When two worlds collide: threat of class warfare over faith-based schooling

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I watched the episode of 'insight' that the article refers to. Did anyone else see this?

It was interesting to see, they had a lot of video clips of faith based schools and everyone there saying how awesome it was to have such a great sense of community and all that. :roll: not biased at all.

The atheist viewpoints on the program didn't get that much of a say, the main athiest guy was continually interupted by one of the teachers at a christian school.

I did like the fact that the faith schools visited each other, and talked about their views and that. Personally I realised how silly faith was when thinking about the multitude of different god's.

At one of these visits, a christian girl asked the lecturer (on islam) why women had to wear the veil and men didn't, after flopping around a little he says "god said to do it". Made me laugh.

Mon, 02 Jun 2008 15:20:00 UTC | #178319

Go to: Top 6 Incestuous Relationships In The Bible

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Or maybe not, considering that comment about incest happening a lot in tribal societies is true

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:28:00 UTC | #176434

Go to: Top 6 Incestuous Relationships In The Bible

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I think that the "yuck" feeling people have about incest is circumstantial evidence for a fundamental subset of our morality having an evolutionary basis.

Personally I think there is a fundamental evolutionarily created set of morals, social ones overlayed on that (like the ones Dawkins describes) and then a personal set on top of that, to make a multi-layered system of morality.

Wed, 28 May 2008 20:19:00 UTC | #176433

Go to: Does Time Run Backward in Other Universes?

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I think you are being unecessarily hostile to this idea, as you have yourself said, its just brain candy. What's so wrong with discussing this sort of thing, its interesting to me and i'm sure it is to other people too, I'm not about to say that I believe any of this, if something has no evidence to support it I won't believe it, but I can still find it interesting.

On another note, it's been suggested that once that new particle accelerator get's going, in a book about string theory that I was reading the other day, they may find some new particles which will offer some circumstantial evidence for string theory.

Also I don't think im wrong in saying that the work that these people are doing on these theories and other's in the past have opened up new testable theories and are helping to advance our knowledge of the universe.

"this is no different than theology"

Which Is why I have to utterly disagree with you on that point.

Sat, 24 May 2008 00:28:00 UTC | #174861

Go to: Six 'uniquely' human traits now found in animals

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New Caledonian crow. To extract tasty insects from crevices, they craft a selection of hooks

Does anyone remember that crow video that was posted the other day, showing the crow in the lab making a hook out of a piece of wire and using it to get some food out of a pipe? In the video it was suggested that the crow had figured out that a hook was the instrument that needed to be used and then made one, it seems that these birds have been making hooks in the wild, it's quite a bit less remarkable. (Although the video is pretty cool)

Am I wrong about this?

Fri, 23 May 2008 18:42:00 UTC | #174792

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