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Go to: Rushdie condemns cancellation of Muhammad novel

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"The novel's Japanese translator was murdered, the Italian translator stabbed."

They missed out on the Norwegian publisher almost being killed by a gunman:

From elsewhere:
The Norwegian publisher of Salman Rushdie's "The Satanic Verses" was shot and wounded outside his home near Oslo today, marking the third attack on professionals who have had a hand in publishing the book. William Nygaard, 50, was in serious but stable condition after being shot three times from behind as he left his home in an Oslo suburb. Nygaard heads the publishing firm Aschehoug Forlag, which brought out the controversial book in Norway.

Sun, 17 Aug 2008 00:25:00 UTC | #219317

Go to: Defend the Individual and So the West

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When it comes to individualism, that is also a key difference versus Islam, where the collective society and the will of Allah plays a bigger role.

In the west, individuals' values are sacred, and self-realization and working towards your own goals are important. The individual has the right to say and do what he or she means.

In Islam (and probably other religious societies) the individual is reduced to someone who submits to Allah, and their individual rights and goals plays a small role, especially any rights or goals deviating from the "accepted" ones.

This then goes wrong when we westerners are trying to integrate muslims, and do not realize the difference in value sets, and we apply our own individualistic rights to their collective mindset, and give them respect and listen to their demands as if they were speaking as individuals.

Therefore, introducing the concept of individual rights and liberating people from the collective, limiting mindset is important. Getting women out of the kitchens (and burkas) and into jobs and the rest of society will be an important factor here.

Wed, 13 Aug 2008 07:08:00 UTC | #216966

Go to: Vicar supports Life of Brian ban

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I am offended by the fact that they're offended by this.


Tue, 12 Aug 2008 07:56:00 UTC | #216454

Go to: Breeding for God

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it only calls for this if there is insurrection against the Muslims state...

Isn't typically the problem here that some people go to great lengths to interpret that there is a such a conflict situation at all times?

This is at least my understanding of how Al-Qaida etc operates, by listening to some of Al-Zawahiri's speeches etc. This legitimizes all their actions.

People can then say "any action against islam" (e.g. apostasy) satisifies the criteria for conflict.

Then they're still "honoring" the fatwa, yeah?

Tue, 05 Aug 2008 05:44:00 UTC | #212928

Go to: Breeding for God

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Even if these 40% or whatever were not chanting for diehard heads-off Shariah, but let's say they got their way.

Why would we want parts of the population to have a separate court that decides on conflict situations? How do you know the same level of justice is applied in a Shariah court and a regular court? How do you know that these systems will not rule differently than in a regular court? How do you then resolve cases where there are conflicts between muslims and non-muslims? How do you oversee that it is not used increasingly as a replacement for regular courts, and for more serious crimes? How do you control that the diehard heads-off Shariah people don't use it?

Doesn't this become a system inside/above/outside the system?

Isn't this taking integration processes in reverse? (I know some would argue that this does the opposite)

BBC had a 2007 program on This World called "Inside A Shariah Court", where they cover how a Shariah court is run in Nigeria, parallell to the british laws from colonial times. This program was a response to that muslims in the UK want Shariah law there.

It's up on YouTube here:

It largely focuses on family disputes, divorce, inheritance and some other crimes (stealing, etc). It doesn't really touch any "hot topics" which would result in beheadings and that kind of stuff. It also attempts to make a point out of that if muslims get a ruling based on Shariah, they are more likely to follow that, since it's a religious ruling, instead of a secular court's ruling.

Sun, 03 Aug 2008 04:37:00 UTC | #212070

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