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I don't think it is particularly funny. Someone could have gotten hurt... that thing probably weighed a couple hundred pounds at least. Besides it was also probably quite expensive to fabricate and the parishoners were obviously looking forward to installing it in their church--who knows how much time, money, or anticipation went into this day? I can't imagine how badly the dude at front left who basically screwed up must feel.

While I consider religion to be a farce, I can't find anything to laugh at here. I generally don't find videos of other people's misfortune amusing.

Sat, 22 Nov 2008 08:46:00 UTC | #274876

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My letter, but I don't think it is going to do any good:

Mister Governor:

I am not a citizen of Louisiana, but I like you am an American, and I love my country. And it is specifically because I love my country that I felt I must write to you about SB 733, the inappropriately named "LA Science Education Act". Intelligent Design is not science, demonstrably so, and has been well demonstrated to be a religious belief.

Developing nations around the world are becoming technological powerhouses and those of us in technological industries are beginning to feel the squeeze from countries like India and China. It is more crucial than ever that our children be taught solid well-grounded science. I assure you there is NO CONTROVERSY in the scientific community regarding the theory of evolution. The only controversy exists in the public sphere and is fomented by dishonest organizations like the Discovery Institute.

I mean no offense sir, but to sign this bill into law, to fail to veto it, is to spit in the face of the founding fathers who intended this great nation to be a place where religion was practiced freely by the public, and not under the control of the government, or vice versa.

No I am not from Louisiana, but like many Americans I sent what help I could during your recent troubles. And it is for that same reason that I write to you now. There is nothing fair and even about passing this bill. There are no valid alternative scientifically sound theories to evolution--I implore you not to pay heed to what the disinformation the discovery institute puts out. They have been publicly debunked so many times it's amazing they are still taken seriously.

They will tell you of holes in the theory that aren't there, they will tell you of fossils with missing parts that aren't missing, they will tell you of the utter absence of transitional fossils that in actuality have been found in great numbers, they will spin stories about evolution violating the laws of thermodynamics which it does not violate. They are lying to you sir. It's what they do.

No I am not from Louisiana. But I address you as a fellow American, a fellow man, a kindred intellect. Please do not let this bill become law... the children of Louisiana need you to protect them. Please do so.


Wed, 18 Jun 2008 19:56:00 UTC | #185890

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