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Go to: Case dropped against Simon Singh

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This is tremendous news. The BCA have scored a huge own goal by drawing attention to their questionable practice. Even as I write this comment I suppose I have to keep one eye on the crazy UK libel laws. With a General Election coming up in the UK and all parties commited to reforming these laws, this is great timing to publicise the case for reformation.

Thu, 15 Apr 2010 11:45:00 UTC | #459723

Go to: Arrogant, corrupt, secretive – the Catholic church failed to tackle evil

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Imagine the Prime Minister, apologising for the child abuse perpetrated by his ministers. There would be an instant call for the resignation of the responsible ministers, and in particular, the man at the top. If this is an abuse of power why should those in powerful positions not be dealt with in the same way as the rest of society?

Mon, 22 Mar 2010 13:33:00 UTC | #451097

Go to: Richard Dawkins interviews Prof. Michael Baum

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Brilliant interview. I found it quite moving to see how Prof. Baum despaired at the legal authority that has been given to homoeopathy by legislators who should know better.

I am surprised that the pharmaceutical industry has not been more vociferous in its objection to having to compete with medicines that have no evidence to support their effectiveness.

(In the original post, that should be 'complementary', of course.)

Fri, 26 Dec 2008 15:04:00 UTC | #292305

Go to: Religious 'shun nanotechnology'

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"How do we regulate something where we have different moral ideas from the public?

Exactly. So the answer is you show people the evidence to allow them to make a sound judgement. And the public would be quite within their rights to ask for better evidence if it can be shown that a reasonably clear conclusion cannot be drawn.

What you cannot do is base the deployment of research budgets on what sky-god people believe in.

Mon, 08 Dec 2008 11:42:00 UTC | #284622

Go to: Richard Dawkins and Aubrey Manning

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It was interesting to see them both chuckling at the poor statistical confidence of Niko's early papers but not questioning how those papers got past the review process. How can scientists point to the importance of peer review in building a solid body of evidence when it clearly was not happening then?

Tue, 02 Dec 2008 16:07:00 UTC | #281654

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