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Ah!! His pronouncing of the name "Mossad" is horrible!

It's Mossad, like... Damnit, I can't think of a good comparison... According to some online dictionary, the correct phonetic for the "a" is "æ", which wikipedia gives an example of "cat". That still doesn't sound right to me, because "cat" rhymes with "sad", which does not rhyme with "Mossad".

Not Moss-ad like he said not it.. I think the emphasis is on the "ad", not the "Moss".

Anyway, great video!

Edit: I now see that it is somewhat similar to this vowel - - which has the example of "car". That sounds a bit better, but I'm no expert, I may be way off on this.

Sat, 27 Mar 2010 18:32:00 UTC | #453082

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I am a complete stranger to whatever the whole issue was. I only saw the announcement by Josh, the "Outrage" post by Dawkins, and the Apology posted right now, so I am a bit unclear on what the fuss was all about, so what I am about to say maybe nonsense:

What really struck me as weird was this:

The only significant difference between this and the old forum will be that new threads (note: not the comments) will have to be approved before they appear. This is purely and simply to ensure that all new threads are on subjects relevant to reason and science.

While I obviously don't expect any kind of censorship or anything like that, I am not convinced that this is a good idea, at least the way it was phrased here. It strikes me as obvious that one of the most important parts of forums, blog commenters, or even any other real-world community with some common goal, is the utterly off-topic parts. The off-topics are usually what make a community really a community, something beyond just the one-track common goals.

So, I am not sure by the phrasing here if he means that posts about random things such as book clubs, random pictures of users, or even discussions of politics, would be off limits. If that is what is meant, I personally think that it is a very bad idea.

Sun, 28 Feb 2010 21:26:00 UTC | #444991

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What a wonderful slogan!
I totally endorse this. great :)

Wed, 18 Nov 2009 17:59:00 UTC | #414519

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This clip had a severe case of "Lord Privy Seal" syndrome... Way way too many images constantly showing up adding absolutely nothing to the discussion and just distracting.. That was just annoying...

Overall, lame...

Sat, 10 Oct 2009 13:54:00 UTC | #404622

Go to: My regrets on your traumatic brain damage!

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It's actually less relevant to this article, but still hilarious

Thu, 08 Oct 2009 11:14:00 UTC | #404345

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