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"Is there no way to legally stop all these charlatans from practicing?"

I don't think that would be a good approach. Banning something does not fix the underlying problem. The public just needs to be provided with clear accurate information, as they aren't necessarily all gullible, just not well informed.

Creating a special label that can only be used if a product has been scientifically/medically proven could work better. Maybe a prominent BSI stamp (in Britain). The charlatans wouldn't be able to use it, and the public trusts official stamps like that.

Thu, 22 Apr 2010 21:35:00 UTC | #461958

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RE: Comment #479477 by glenister_m
RE: Comment #479609 by ANTIcarrot

Further to the reponse made to this:
"Unfortunately these are separate issues. The suicide gene prevents any seeds the GMO plant produces from germinating so you are forced to buy more seeds from the company each and every year."

I also don't see what the big deal is about farmers being 'forced' to buy new seed each year. Don't they do this anyway, I'm not sure you can successfully grow any crops by planting one year, then just leaving the field to grow again the following year.

Sure the crop would grow but wouldn't it be too sparse to be a worthwhile use of the field? When land is left to go to pasture once every 7 years (?? not sure how accurate that is) I've never noticed the previous crop growing densely enough to eve look like a crop field.

So I'm reasonably sure that farmers buy new seed every year anyway.

Wed, 14 Apr 2010 00:05:00 UTC | #459095

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One of my fondest hopes is that there is a secret program working on the development of an IQ-specific sterility drug that can be sneaked into the water supply.

Take any sterility drug, put it in coke/pepsi, sell it as "super coke" at monster trucks, wwe, etc.

Fri, 09 Apr 2010 15:55:00 UTC | #457540

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Could everyone stop feeding dwain the troll. He'll soon give up and go away if ignored.

Sun, 14 Feb 2010 09:08:00 UTC | #441273

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@ Steve Zara

2 points.

First religion is a choice, it may be a choice that is forced on you when you are too young to do anything about it, but it is still a choice, and you can choose to leave (as I'm sure most people commenting on this site can attest.) So anyone who chooses to be part of a religion that is responsible for the majority of terrorist activities around the world can be questioned on that choice. They can also, and I think they should, be held accountable for not doing anything to prevent the extremists in their religion. If the majority of muslims did something, limiting the freedom of the extremists to plan terrorist and hate activities, coerce other muslims and indoctrinate children, then the extremists would not be able to operate effectively. If a moderate muslim wants islam to actually be a religion of peace, and really does detest the extremists, then it is their responsibility to do their part in spreading an intolerance of extremism.

Second. 1/3 of the muslim school children in the UK support murder in the name of their religion, that indicates that a large portion of 'moderate' muslims directly support the extremists. Therefore they can be held accountable for the extremists actions.

Tue, 02 Feb 2010 20:02:00 UTC | #437960

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