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From a fellowship I was forced to attend (the topic was Love, 1 Corinthians 13):
"God is Love, and Jesus is part of God, and so only those who know Jesus can Love(TM)."
"Non-Christians can be patient, nice, kind, caring, etc., but since they do not know Jesus personally, they cannot Love(TM)"
At no point did the speaker (nor the other people) try to define what is this "Love" they were talking about. Standard Christian bullshit.

Of course they'll never admit that atheists can act as morally as them, that would make their Holy Spirit(TM) pretty much superfluous.

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 23:01:00 UTC | #76378

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I'm somewhat disappointed in how poorly Sam has written this response. As others have pointed out, no sane, rational, intelligent person would choose the second question to ask the president. Why bring up atheism when it has no relation to the issue at hand? It's exactly what dyed-in-the-wool fundies would do. But if the discussion eventually gets to the point where a discussion of beliefs is relevant, then why not? It seems you're starting to play with straw men here, Sam, and I really don't like it. You are right, of course, that there is the danger of "atheist fundies" (for lack of a better term), but you are really doing a great disservice to the majority of rational and intelligent atheists by tarring us all with the same brush.

In fact, much of the criticism I have received of my speech is so utterly lacking in content that I can only interpret it as a product of offended atheist piety.

What kind of responses, Sam? PZ Myers's? Ellen Johnson's? No, Sam, theirs made more sense than yours.

Is it really possible that PZ Myers and Ellen Johnson think I was recommending that we stop publicly criticizing religion or that I am hiding my own atheism out of "shame and fear"? I would not have thought such a misreading was possible, given the contents of my speech and my rather incessant criticism of religion in my books, articles, and lectures.

Not possible? This pathetic attempt to wriggle out of your rotten ambiguous speech is honestly making me sick. If you think it was impossible, why admit that it could be "misunderstood" in the first place? What else would we think when you tell us to "go below the radar"?

Wake up Sam, many of us are not as dumb as you think.

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 14:43:00 UTC | #73886

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C'mon people, let's not further satisfy the attention-whoring cravings of a certain troll-like poster here by rewarding it with a response.

I think you all need one of these.

Tue, 25 Sep 2007 07:29:00 UTC | #69984

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Are you sure it's just "on paper"? I knew some Israeli kids back in 2001, and from what they told me, they had little choice about it. Have the rules changed since then, or did they just have a flair for the dramatic?

For people who believe in an all knowing all powerful god, they sure take him for an idiot.

I couldn't have said it better. This story reminded me of Richard Feynman's experience with a couple of dolts who asked him about electricity only to know whether it's kosher or not to use the elevator on the Sabbath.

Barking mad!

Tue, 25 Sep 2007 07:16:00 UTC | #69981

Go to: Do you have to read up on leprechology before disbelieving in them?

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I believe religion has done more harm than good...


...and whereever religion is you will see division, poverty, ignorance and suffering.

Let's see...

Wherever there is religion there is division, poverty, ignorance and suffering.

Ah. Much better =D

Mon, 17 Sep 2007 03:04:00 UTC | #67354

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