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It is so telling of some people that in defense of religion they cannot put forth arguements that they feel are misrepresented or misunderstood by their opponents but must attack the individuals involved in whatever delusion runs through their mind at a given time. The demise of religion as a representative of anything other than a crutch for those unwilling to face reality grows closer by the day. As always the irony of the self destruction they willingly inflict is priceless to behold.

Fri, 17 Feb 2012 22:54:30 UTC | #919040

Go to: Student Faces Town’s Wrath in Protest Against a Prayer

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What stands out in my mind as truly ironic in this is that the actions against Jessica and their relation to the words of the removed prayer are so polar opposite.

Our Heavenly Father

Grant us each day the desire to do our best, to grow mentally and morally,as well as physically, to be kind and helpful to our classmates and teachers, to be honest with ourselves as well as others. Help us to be good sports and smile when we lose as well as when we win. Teach us the value of true friendship. Help us to always conduct ourselves so as to bring credit to Cranston High School West.


And you have just got to know that the disconnect is so total as to keep them blind to the obvious. Einstein was correct about human stupidity alas.

Sat, 28 Jan 2012 07:50:31 UTC | #912148

Go to: Religious freedom under threat from courts, professor warns

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How oppressive of the employer to expect an employee to follow the established rules of the place where they are employed and receive compensation. Discrimination and hubris still a big part of Christian dogma it would seem. Do you suppose the if the registrar was a member of the KKK and refused on the basis of skin color that it should be defended because of belief?
Perhaps they could go somewhere like Saudi Arabia and live there awhile to enlighten themselves as to what constitutes persecution. Perhaps, being women,they would have an easier time there hmm?

Thu, 26 Jan 2012 01:46:59 UTC | #911575

Go to: Muslim extremists storm Irshad's book launch in Amsterdam

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Those poor Muslim extremists being forced to read the book that upsets their tender little hearts so. It just a'int right I tells ya.

Yet more clueless young men acting like children throwing tantrums.I wonder how long before sanctions go out against the writer for daring to hurt their emotional state this way. All kidding aside I seriously wonder if any of them bothered to read the book they are protesting? Do you think someone will ever bother to ask them point blank?

Wed, 25 Jan 2012 00:55:27 UTC | #911237

Go to: South African church billboard banned following atheist complaint

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In response to EvN.

"I happen to agree. However, in context, this billboard is irresponsible. The church, as per usual, acted as if they have special dispensation to do and say whatever they wish. They were taken down a peg. Good."

Let the church act like fools. By asking authority to step in and solve the issue for them they thereby show that they are unwilling to stand up to the church with reasoned arguement. Let the church take the low road and do ad hominem attacks. Now any arguement atheists make there will seem to be coming from spoiled children and not a thinking, reasoning adults.

Fri, 20 Jan 2012 12:58:19 UTC | #910123

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