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I'm so glad somebody has brought up embryology, it is hardly ever used in discussions on evolution either by educators or in response to creationists.
A brief study of the subject offers an illustration of evolution in a nutshell. You have the entire lineage from single cell through reptilian,avian & various form of mammalian morphology in one gestation period, truly a remarkable example.

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 22:28:00 UTC | #387883

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Where in Jewish or any Abrahamic texts does it predict the harnessing of electricity,let alone the banning of electrical appliances on sabbats.

Thu, 18 Jun 2009 20:20:00 UTC | #371812

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Great essay, I cannot imagine growing up in an environment which seeks to control how you view the universe or any other aspect of existence. I cannot understand how parents could throw away a child's hard earned books, my father taught me to cherish knowledge & encouraged me to ask questions. This story highlights the importance of education as a catalyst for awareness, once you know how things operate it becomes very difficult to attribute causation to an invisible & indescribable entity.

As for the above mentioned wingnuts, you are in the wrong place.I am becoming very bored with these bitter people who still cannot accept Barrack Obama as President. He won, get over it, he is a man of admirable conviction & has improved your nations image a thousand fold, you have never had such a literate & intelligent leader, does that frighten you? Either shut up or put up & admit that you are a racist.

Mon, 15 Jun 2009 21:21:00 UTC | #370765


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This is wonderful, there is not enough access to science for children nowadays. I was very lucky as a child, to this day I do not know how these things were funded as I went to a low income public school is Sydney's western suburbs, but we actually had Astronomers visit the school with an inflatable astrodome to teach us about the universe, it was riveting.We also had repitile & animal handlers from the zoo come & do talks with us about biology. When I finished school for the day I would go home & watch Why Is It So? with Prof Julius Sumner Miller, he was like the Santa clause of physics for Australian children & we had our own Curiosity show which taught children how to use the scientific method to figure out every day problems & solutions, they were golden days indeed. That was the 1970's & early 80's. Now, with all the benefits of technology & more television time than could have previously been imagined , we have short-changed our kids & they lack the understanding that I was lucky enough to have at such an early age. We had no computer games then so what time was spent in front of a screen was more than mere entertainment. We really must address our priorities when it comes to children's programming for television & internet & stop leaving it up to CEO's & advertising directors to decide what is appropriate viewing & how it is presented.

Mon, 15 Jun 2009 20:39:00 UTC | #370758

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I remember reading Unweaving the Rainbow at work, some years ago,an old bloke said, "oh are you "Spiritual"?, in am mocking tone, He mistook the title for something new age.Quite the contrary I said & went on to explain my position, He thought more highly of me thereafter.

Thu, 28 May 2009 21:33:00 UTC | #365655

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