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Domesticated species could NOT survive in the wild. They've undergone thousands of years of artificial selection and now lack any survival skills.

Suppose we stop eating domestic animals. What do we do with them all? Continue to feed them, incurring huge losses in available food stores for human consumption? Release them into the wild to their gruesome fate?

Besides, eating meat is not a moral question. Treatment of domestic animals is. I enjoy a good beef steak, and I will continue to. IMO Vegetarianism is just one more social soap-box one cap step up on to look down on their fellow man all the while accomplishing absolutely nothing.

Thu, 13 May 2010 21:26:40 UTC | #469709

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Effing quote function isn't working again. God, are you listening?

divermike: But God can treat the world in any way he see's fit

Question for you mike: Is God not omnibenevolent then?

If you maintain that he is, how do you square that with your words above? Is benevolence defined in the actions of God then?

Mon, 10 May 2010 16:51:11 UTC | #468498

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lol Bes, no chatrooming! :)

Mon, 10 May 2010 16:41:47 UTC | #468492

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Comment 15 by Tyler Durden
Comment 14 by divermike Well Jesus was a desendant of Adam. Really? Do you have DNA evidence for this claim? And do you approve of incest? Darwinian evolution by natural selection, and any high-school biology book shows the fairy tale of "Adam and Eve" to be exacty that, a juvenile fairy tale based on ignorance of the evidence - do you not read books on biology, history, anthropology, geography, genetics, or biblical history?    
What's wrong with incest?

Mon, 10 May 2010 16:11:49 UTC | #468473

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Ah, very clever Phil. I didn't catch your drift. You may very well be proved right in the long run.

Sun, 09 May 2010 19:48:16 UTC | #468176

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