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Go to: Pakistan's Islamic Schools Fill Void, but Fuel Militancy

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Here's what one Greg Mortensen is doing to address the problem....

Mr. Mortensen has visited my town before.
A cool guy who has lead an interesting life.

Mon, 04 May 2009 07:49:00 UTC | #356021

Go to: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown: Who'd be female under Islamic law?

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Actually doesn't seem all that different from those fanatical christian patriarchies.

Only really difference is their numbers.

People who are saying she's not a Muslim.
Isn't that pretty much the same "No true Scotsman" fallacy that so many Christians try to pull?

Mon, 04 May 2009 05:02:00 UTC | #355993

Go to: It came from outer space: Fireball streaks across Canadian Prairie, crashes

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Maybe it was a timeless robotic organism from the planet Cybertron?

Sun, 23 Nov 2008 17:39:00 UTC | #275575

Go to: Clever Monkeys

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Why, that is a fine mustache.

Tue, 11 Nov 2008 17:54:00 UTC | #268415

Go to: 'Child-witches' of Nigeria seek refuge

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The guy admitted to being a mass murderer.
Why doesn't anyone do anything about him?

Mon, 10 Nov 2008 14:20:00 UTC | #267799

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