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Oh, and I want to add to my comment above that I am teaching my daughter to be a skeptic and boy is she! I am teaching her to be tolerant of people's religious beliefs (my parents and siblings are all Christians) but liberal ones. I've explained to her that a lot of people need religion in order to feel good and we shouldn't try to convince them otherwise. However, I am teaching her not to be respectful of fundamentalists. They are a huge danger to our freedom in this country and to the world in general. I consider myself a very tolerant person of all religious beliefs, when they don't infringe on people's rights to live their lives how they see fit. But I draw the line with Christian Fundamentalists. They are at the top of my shit list and she's seeing first hand how they are affecting her future education (Texas School Board's changes to the history curriculum). She is very upset about this.

Sun, 30 May 2010 23:20:35 UTC | #474939

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How am I living to make a difference for the cause (atheism)? By raising my daughter to be an open-minded, tolerant, and scientifically educated young lady. Also, I contribute $ to The Freedom From Religion Foundation and The Secular Coalition of America.

Also I took a moral stand today against my mother-in-law, who is in town visiting during the holiday weekend. She and her husband are atheists as well. We have the same views about politics and religion. However, during her stay with us, she wanted to visit her ex-husband's daughter who lives about 1 hour from us. We have refused to go over there and visit since we moved back to Ohio because they are fundamentalist Catholics. The "daughter" has been turned into a breeder by her nut job husband AND they have/are home schooled their 10 kids. They have an altar in their house. I have no desire to visit with them but this made mother-in-law upset. She called me intolerant and I said hell yes I'm intolerant! I'm intolerant of bigoted, delusional people who financially support the most evil empire on this Earth: The Catholic Church. And I am not going to my husband's ex-step-sister's house just because his mother wanted us to. I want them to know that their beliefs disgust me and because of that, they get a little taste of their own intolerant medicine. :)

Sun, 30 May 2010 23:09:49 UTC | #474935

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This is what I did. When my 8 year old daughter told me she didn't understand how mommy and daddy made her AND she wanted to know how, I sat her down and told her the basics (penis in the vagina, sperm meets the egg, and so on.) At that time, I was lucky there was a show on t.v. regarding how cats and dogs mate and make babies AND showed them being born. I had her watch that and explained that every mammal basically "does it" the same way. It was graphic. It was pretty cool. Now she sees sex as a natural, biological need of every creature on this earth, in order to procreate.

Now, she is too young, in my opinion, to know about all the variations of sex, the emotional side, the diseases, the pleasurable side, etc. These are things I will discuss with her when she's older, probably around 11-12. However, we have talked about masturbation because little girls, at least mine, are always touching themselves down there. I explained to her that it's completely normal to do so and encouraged her to do it but in private, as long as it made her feel good. That is one thing my mom never discussed with me along with other things. So I never did it and therefore, never had orgasms until my late 30's. I don't want her to go through the same thing I did. As a matter of fact, If she wants, I will get her a vibrator when she's in her teens, so she can take care of her sexual needs without having to rely on a boy to do so. Studies have shown that girls who masturbate with or without toys, tend to delay having sex with a guy lot longer. I want her to view sex as a completely natural act and not to suppress her sexual desires but to embrace them and act on them in a responsible way.

Sun, 30 May 2010 22:56:13 UTC | #474931

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I completely agree with Mr. Grayling. EVERYONE needs to stop giving Creatards the time of day. Don't debate them, don't acknowledge them, don't say "boo" to them. They want attention and if you cut of what they most desire, they will have no choice to go away.

Fri, 08 Jan 2010 01:52:00 UTC | #429869

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