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By the way, has ever mr. Dawkins state hit position for or against spanking?.

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 19:12:15 UTC | #854763

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strong text Firstly, I was assuming the "main mentor", presumably the parent, did care about their child's feelings. If they don't, how successful are they going to be in any attempt to interact with their children, never mind in any attempt to teach them "to care about others"?

If you believe that a little bit of pain is ok to make the kid behave, that implies that you don´t care enough about his feelings. You are applying the saying "the ends justify the means". That is, even if spanking hurts the child -which it clearly does- it is still ok because I need to do something to make him behave.

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 15:25:09 UTC | #854708

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Comment 49 by keyfeatures

But no child would get a spanking as like reward.

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 15:15:53 UTC | #854701

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          [Comment 45](/articles/642334- by  [Zeuglodon](/profiles/177470)          :

             The words Operant Conditioning spring to mind. If doing something causes pain, don't do it.

If you get spanked when you steal the cookies, don't steal them. If the fire burns, don't touch it.That works so long as doing that "something" reliably causes pain. The instant it doesn't (in this case, when punishment is not forthcoming after a misdemeanour) the deterrent starts to weaken, especially if the misdemeanour has a reward (like stealing cookies most likely would).It may work as a temporary measure for preventing children from misbehaving, but when they're older surely you need to explain to them why you did all that? In other words, I suspect the deterrent can only be a temporary measure until children develop social skills like empathy and start caring about others, and I'm not sure you have to wait until as late as their seventh birthday to do that. Near their fourth birthday, according to my psychology book, is when they start developing the Theory of Mind.It only makes sense to them when they are capable of appreciating the harm they do to others and care about it. If you have the first but not the second, what are you going to get beyond an apathetic and secretive troublemaker?

This is hypocresy. How does a child learn to care about others if the main mentor doesn´t care about his/her feelings?.

Just to clarify, a toddler does not "steal" cookies because he yet hasn´t acquired the perception of property. In his mind he is simply picking up some cookies. As far as I know they acquire this around the age of 4.

When children are brought up in an un-empathic environment they are very less likely to grow empathy.

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 15:07:17 UTC | #854698

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          [Comment 43](/articles/642334-spare-the-rod-and-develop-the-c

hild/comments?page=2#comment_854689) by keyfeatures :

                 What was wrong with comment 39?  The mention of Enid Blyton?The point I was trying 

to make was that some children may deliberately provoke a 'smack' response. Because for whatever reason they enjoy it. Attention, sensation, and other things I'm clearly not allowed to mention.....but even adults sometimes pay good money for this stuff.

It is true that children need attention -as much as they need food- so they may do things that are even dangerous, in which case they should get attention because that´s what they need, not violence. If a child is disruptive because he´s really hungry, would you hit him or feed him instead?. It is true that some adults pay for that, but that´s not any reason to justify the use of violence. There are also people who commit suicide, but that´s not a reason to defend killings.

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 15:02:58 UTC | #854697

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