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Yes this was a very innane article, but I have something to say about the following quote (which in its self is wordy and sleep inducing)!

"We rely on a report from Cana, a scene from the Upper Room, a glimpse of Golgotha in that Jerusalem spring, an account—from the women, who had not fled—of an empty tomb, the testimony of those who believed they had seen something no man had seen before, or since: A body resurrected from the dead."

I thought Lazerath was brought back form the dead, so surely at least one or two men/women had seen this kind of thing before?
And the account of women was probably not up to much in those days anyway, most in the bible are whores, liars and temptresses.

Wed, 07 Feb 2007 06:12:00 UTC | #18886

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I have spent a while reading through all the post here. Thank you to all the 'believers' who claim to be scientists for the laughter you have ignited in me.

It is quiet apparent, from reading all the above, that the religious of you are very defensive, and for some reason actually thing Richard Dawkins is some kind of leader for a new religious movement. How far you missed the point of his work and those, who thus far, see his line of reason and have knowledge of the subject areas he is concerned with.

I think from some of the posts you GOD FEARING people can see the value of evolution as and explanation of the complexity of biological organisms.
Don't be afraid of good science, or good scientists. There is no cult to Dawkin. Why? Because atheists are not concerned with ritual behaviour or the afterlife but with the far more pressing subject of the life we have. And as human beings with a sense of self we are also interested in what others have to say and are not intimidated by them (as you appear to be by us), but just feel sorry that you do allow yourselves to use the brain to the full extent of reasonable thought that evolution has brought it.

Sun, 04 Feb 2007 16:10:00 UTC | #18520

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Hi, I am an athiest now but was brought up Catholic and went to Roman Catholic schools.
I felt I had to write about how I was educated on the exisistence of Hell.

Basically during 16 years of RE I was informed that God is all forgiving, that Jesus died so all the sins of mankind would be forgiven, past, present and future.
So it stands to reason that there would be no one in hell, not even the heretics! This is because the God in the New Testament, which by the way should be what Christians follow and not the Old Testament (besause christianity could not exist before the new testament and came about because of it and Jesus), has forgiven everyone for all their sins.

Guess this theory would not sit well with many Christians as it kind of makes the whole point of being a 'good God fearing person' rather pointless.

Fri, 02 Feb 2007 17:06:00 UTC | #18396

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