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Well that it is... and greed, the cause of corruption ultimately.

Corruption and greed are infectious. We need to do a better job of insulating our politicians from it. I would hope revoking the right of a corporation to lobby would be a step in the right direction.

Mon, 03 May 2010 16:12:00 UTC | #465343

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This also allows corporations to lobby politicians. This has led to a fundamental corruption of our political system.

Mon, 03 May 2010 01:51:00 UTC | #465147

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I didn't see where you responded to my charge that you are misguided in calling Steve Zara an apologist for Islam. I would like to hear you justify your accusation, because I do not feel it is fair.

Mon, 03 May 2010 01:23:00 UTC | #465141

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Sciros, Sean,

I, on facebook, joined a group called "I Seek the Truth". Shocked as you may be regarding the title it is in fact a group of Muslims talking about all kinds of things. Let's see what they say about Israel (we will skip their bile about Shi'is and the US):

Regarding the failed bombing in NY the other day:

Nuha Qutob
I think Israel will bomb cars and make horrible terrorism everywhere even in the USA, EU contries and everywhere to destroy any possible peace may happen!! cuz peace atmosphere can't fit the terrorism nature of Israel!! Israel will hire poor people or stupid people to make terrorsm and then israel will stuck such terrorism to the Islam, Al-Qaeda... See More or even to the Palestinians to kill any good relations between West and East!! and I still wonder who was the real people who planned for 9-11 attack!! israel recently wanted to involve Europe in the passports case in Dubai!!

About Jews depriving Arabs of air, if possible.

Shereen Eslam
just an idiot zionist !!
if they r able to prevent air from them, they will do it

About Israel in general:

Erdinç Tavukçu
i hate israel and usa, go hell

Saima Rangzeb
united 'satanic' states of america and israHELL are clearly made for eachother!! no doubt about that!

Omar Alli B. Hassan
bastard jews

And it goes on in much the same way. One might think that these are foreign Muslims just ranting, but despite the evidence (spelling) they are in fact often people who have English as a first language.

You can join on facebook to see how Blackwater fakes suicide bombings, and the Taliban doesn't really exist, it is actually Americans, etc...!/ISeekTheTruth?ref=ts

And how is this relevant? With the exception of better spelling and grammar this is basically what Luis is saying.

Mon, 03 May 2010 01:04:00 UTC | #465140

Go to: Two articles on al-Qeda and Terrorism

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What you left out of that is that the 8000 rocket attacks were almost completely harmless

This is where you descend below contempt. These rockets killed Israelis. Not only that they forced people out of schools, out of work, off the road and into bomb shelters. Do you think people just hang about in the street when rockets rain down on their city. If we left it to your criterion, the rockets would actually have to hit people directly in the head before something could be done about it. The rockets destroyed life in the south of Israel, simply destroyed it. How many rockets would you tolerate landing in your city, how much income lost, how much property damaged before you demanded action.

Not only that, but Israel asked the vaunted UN to act to stop the rocket fire... and the silence was deafening. Israel asked the Arab states to send a force to stop the rocket fire, and nothing. But when Israel finally acted to stop it, there is international condemnation, and you have the nerve to rehash the blood libel and tell us the Israelis only did it to kill Palestinians and nothing more. You are a sick man.

pretext to further crush the Palestinians)

Firstly, Israel has plenty of "platforms" from which to launch attacks against Palestine

Crush the Palestinians? Israel has nuclear weapons (as you remind us incessantly) and an advanced army and modern air force, yet Israel doesn't eliminate the Palestinians. If Israel wanted to "crush" the Palestinians at large, don't you think they could have done better than 1400 in Gaza. I mean do you even listen to yourself? Ever read that shit back to yourself? Get fucking serious. Nearly every military official who looked at the operation in Gaza (Cast Lead) said no one had ever done more to prevent civilian casualties in such a difficult operation.

as they would be a reason for Jewish terrorism if Arabs started to build settlements in Israel

Arabs DO have settlements in Israel. Arab villages dot the landscape (Jaffa, Um al-Fahm, etc...) in Israel, the Israelis don't try to kill them. Do you see the very simple fucking difference here. Israel tolerates the presence of Arabs, Arabs do not tolerate the presence of Jews. Why are the settlements armed by soldiers, because Arabs kill Jews. Are we clear yet?

should I therefore first denounce the terrorism of the oppressed

What the fuck are you even talking about. Before the state of Israel even existed (and according to you Islamic terrorism) the Palestinians were communicating with the Nazis offering to build death camps in Palestine to net the Jews who managed to escape and exterminate them. These same Palestinians helped to organize Bosnian Muslims to fight in the Nazi army. They terrorized Jews, refused to accept the lawful creation of Israel and carried out terrorist raids against civilians from 1948 until 1967, forcing Israel to eventually act to stop this and an imminent Arab invasion. Despite repeated attempts at genocide, we get "The Arabs are victims" from you. You are a silly man indeed.

The Palestinians had their shot to never put up with occupation, but they really didn't have the foresight to look beyond "Murder the Jews".

The Iranian regime has no particular problem with Jews

You mean aside from Holocaust denial and supporting organization dedicated to eradicating Jews, which I thoroughly document previously. Get fucking real.

Stop getting involved in their civil wars.

I agree, let them establish a state and then when they fuck about pave the place. I agree, let them centralize, then we have someone to deal with as a unified whole. We finally agree. I can't see the logic in sacrificing our educated young men trying to prevent one idiot misogynist trying to kill has flat earth neighbor.

You seem oblivious to something that everyone already knows: the Afghan war is lost

Not at all, I have long said it was lost. Johnny Come Lately here doesn't seem to get that. I say we let them waste their energy killing each other. Cut off the money, food, and aid, and let them develop their own societies, which Islam seems to be so good at.

nstant shrieks of anti-Semitism would emanate from you, but it's apparently respectable and funny to denigrate Persian names.

I would simply say, that doesn't work, and it's not funny. Why do you defend a Holocaust denier who hosted David Duke at a conference on.... Holocaust denial? Have you no shame? A friend of Hezbollah and the Ku Klux Klan is a friend of yours eh?

just as the Likud Party has long declared in its charter that they aim for the eventual expulsion of all Palestinians.

There is the Likud platform, we will let people decide for themselves. There is no mention of expulsion, simply the denial of self rule in the context of a nation state. You had better double check Chomsky's site for your next comeback.

sraeli religious constituency and the creeping fascism it is riding upon, which could well plunge the region into a catastrophic war.

For a man who has never set foot in Israel you sure seem to know a lot about Israel and Israelis. How many Israeli friends do you have regular contact with?

Israel, remember, HAS nuclear weapons, not simply a (presumed) desire to develop them.

And has never used them, despite your telling us they want to "eliminate" Palestinians. They have the tools to carry this out, yet they don't. They did not use them in 1973 when the state was nearly destroyed. Again, Israel is MORE moral than its enemies, period.

You certainly worship the Israeli state, which you can't help from gushing over for its scientific achievements and democratic institutions

I do no such thing. I have many criticism of Israel, but those points don't need to be made in the face of your fecal barrage of lies and slander. And I am glad you have admitted that Israel has such amazing scientific achievements and democratic institutions... now we are getting somewhere.

which happened on the doorstep of Iran, incidentally, but that's not allowed to be factored in here because it interferes with your conception of Iranians as crazed religious fanatics with no semblance of rationality

Yeah because the Iranian regime was the pinnacle of sanity BEFORE the invasion. Thanks for that clarification.

Wrong. The Saudi royal family was imposed by the British

*facepalm* Your ignorance is truly staggering, I may need a drink. The Saudi royal family was supported by the British, but the innovation of their religious theory was in absence of foreign influence. Muhammad Ibn Abd al-Wahhab was not an agent of the British, his message was spread to the sub-continent (Muhammad Hayyat al-Sindi, Shah Wali-ullah Dihlavi, etc...) without the intervention of any western nation. There were no western nation states when Ibn Taymiyya and Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya wrote their critical works. The four schools of Sunni orthodoxy were codified in the absence of any European power. Where exactly do you learn your history?

Hamas was initially tolerated by Israel as a counterweight to the secular PLO.

Hamas' origins can be found in the Qadari order (Izz al-Din al-Qassam) and from the Muslim Brotherhood, descending from Sayyid Jamal al-Din al-Afghani. And "tolerated" is not a synonym for "started".

Arab secular nationalism was well on its way to sweeping the region until the West put a stop to it

Ahhh secular nationalism which was responsible for the massacres of Muslims that led to INCREASED Islamism? Hmmm, again I am a bit suspicious of what you have been reading.

What you're saying is tantamount to the following: "Since we're better than our neighbours, we can do whatever we want in the name of security." That's it. That's the extent of your "argument".

That's not even remotely close to what I said. You have a strained relationship with reality.

Just as Israel wants Palestine to be "expunged from the page of time"

Palestine doesn't exist my friend. "Palestinians" concocted this identity in the 1960's after their wars of genocide failed. Palestinian leaders themselves admit it. Now, the Israelis that walk the streets, generally want a settlement to the issue (they don't ACTUALLY eat gentile babies Luis). And almost every Israeli politician has declared a willingness to settle the issue with the creation of a Palestinian state. And the Palestinians have had numerous chances to have a state and have repeatedly turned these down to pursue terrorist activities.

They had a chance in 1947 for a state, in 1948, every day of the week between 1948-1967, they had a chance after that when Israel begged Egypt to take Gaza off their hands, they had a chance in 2000, the list just doesn't seem to end. There is only one thing clear about Palestinians, they don't REALLY want a state.

Israel has always been an expansionist state, and internal discussions among Israeli military and civilians heads featured quite frank exchanges about guaranteeing security through the establishment of a Greater Israel

There is no such thing as "greater Israel" nor a push to achieve it. More anti-Semitic lies. Have you been reading Ahmad Rami on the shitter again?

Given numerous statements like these from other people in the Israeli establishment, and given the actual record of actions, it is incredible that you don't think that Israel wants Palestinine expunged from the page of time.

They never existed IN the page of time. They were mostly shuttled there from other Arabs states prior to the creation of Israel to create a demographic problem for the nascent Israeli state (which would have been a lot smaller save for the genocidal intentions of the Arabs).

Secondly, you talk about "obfuscations". That would requre that you can point to some evidence as to what their actual INTENTIONS are (not their desires or fantasies, but actual intentions).

Jesus fucking Christ on a bicycle. Their intentions are obvious, they support organizations dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Since YOU'RE the one who gets hung up on words and declarations, then it can only be that you're picking and choosing whatever fits into your pro-Israel paradigm.

I have repeatedly expressed my criticisms of Israel (the US and its allies) on this site. I am willing to criticize policies of Israel, what I am not willing to do is use sweeping racism to denigrate the state of Israel where many decent, modern, secular people live and daily struggle for their survival. Your unwillingness to make any effort to understand either Israelis or Palestinians is shocking, you have mastered none of the languages of the region, and have made no visits there. Your sole source of information seems to be the liar and degenerate Noam Chomsky whom you copy shamelessly and pass off as your own ideas. So I will ask you a question and this should thoroughly expose you... Has Israel ever done anything of which you approve

In the real world states are LARGELY imperfect, and sometimes even mean spirited. But one sided views about this are rarely accurate and largely only emotionally satisfying the dogmatists (such as you) who perpetuate this distorted view of the world.

I have spent time around a lot of Palestinians, some Fatah, some Hamas, some neither, they differ widely, however they all have spewed hate towards Israelis. I have met many Israelis, some are hateful indeed (as you characterize all of them, in a roundabout way) but most aren't. There is a qualitative difference in the general morality of each culture. Israelis do not kill their daughters for marrying non-Israelis. Israeli mothers do not stomp on the heads of their executed sons (as they do in Gaza, men executed without trial in Islamic fashion). Israelis value life, some are exceptions, but as a culture this holds true.

The final and enduring testament to Israeli morality is not made by me or any Israeli. It is made by the Palestinian terrorists themselves... when they hide weapons in schools and hospitals (as they so often do) and use women and children as human shields. They know full well that these actions give the Israelis pause in carrying out military operations. A ringing endorsement indeed.

Mon, 03 May 2010 00:33:00 UTC | #465133

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