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Here's the internet address for those looking for it

Fri, 13 Apr 2012 10:42:28 UTC | #934374

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Link not working...

Wed, 07 Sep 2011 10:46:03 UTC | #868172

Go to: Japan quake: "Total, utter, stupid, offensive made-up bollocks in the Daily Mail"

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No real surprise that a newspaper, especially the Daily Mail has such rubbish in it It's for reasons like this i don't buy newspapers

Fri, 11 Mar 2011 21:12:41 UTC | #601647

Go to: How can atheists give condolences about someone's death?

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Condolences? I wasn't family, but I gave the euolgy for my friend aged 31 - (i hope you don't find it long) Please enjoy (maybe someone will find it useful)

Andrew, Andy, Andi with an I, Drew, Druid, Drew-drops, Selfy, Stubborn what ever he was, how you knew him or what you called him. I'm honoured to be standing here talking to you about Andi because he actually got to ask me to speak on his behalf, I know it meant a lot to him as it does me. This request was by the most important person of the day, it's a shame they can never be here to enjoy it.
Although Andi had asked me to do this some time ago, so I was able to prepare this & check if he wanted to hear it or even if he wanted to have anything said in his own words; an emphatic no came back. So these words are how I feel from decades of friendship that built a strong understanding of Andi, which take into account what he meant to me & hopefully you. Though, as Andi would have said, considering his Odyssey - it's been a privilege flying with you.

Andi is why we're here today or why some of us are elsewhere thinking of him now. We're here or thinking of him because we loved him, not all the time & not always openly, but most of the time and more-often secretly.
This seems absurd, think of the people you love, maybe sat next to you? Or farther away; when did you last tell them or show them that you love them? Tell them now or do it soon, often & unashamedly. Andi learnt too soon that time isn't always on your side & I stand here now to pass on a message that he'd want you all to know – that he loved you too.

Andi was a man not a hero, you could have lived you life without knowing him, but I think if you took away all those Andi moments good & bad it would have been a poorer life. This doesn't mean that your life shall be poor from now on, just different; you should reflect on all of those times when you were with Andi and he upset, irritated or made you angry and think – he won't do that again! No longer should you imagine a world where less Tea goes to waste. From these thoughts you'll miss him, despite the negatives; but you can consider all of the good times you spent with him, when he calmed, cared or pleased you; with his cheery smile & never-ending humour, he'd make you laugh & be happy, did you see him dance? Then you'll miss him for the positives and think – how good it has been to have known him and have him in your life, you should know that we made him happy, not always but usually, although we're not heroes either. It's good to see you here or know who's thinking of Andi because all of you are the people whose lives have been enriched by knowing Andi, something he was proud of. Thank you.

Many people have asked if I was his brother & reluctantly I've had to say no. Andi may have been your Son, Brother, Relative, Lover or Friend all as valid as the next, each with their own unique & individual qualities that we fill. For me Andi was a friend, but as good as a brother, I have two sisters but he composed himself in such a way that he felt like a family member, I hope I reflected that back. He also would have been a best man for me, if I'd ever got married; I still hope to get married, Andi just won't be able to be there & I'll never forget he'll always be a best man. That's what he was to me, this is a best man speech. You may have known him as a child, from school, through sports, at work or socially; however you knew him I'm sure at some point he made you laugh. He could make me laugh & he would laugh at me… I mean people would say we worked well together, some people would say like, like a double act, but I didn't think of us like that really; it's more like we were a one-ble act. You may say we've known each other so long now; it's almost like, uh. It's kinda like we almost finish each others sentences, kinda. Well I don't think we've ever… finished each others… (sentences). Andi has given me the opportunity for some role reversal, to go and visit my Nan and say guess who's dead? Perhaps you may feel I've gone too far? But Andi wanted to make us laugh; this is the last time, a joke from him. Now I bring the tone back to a serious pitch, from the few words that have been said we have thought, happiness & love, now, with us today, of yesterday & for tomorrow, that we can draw on in a positive way, which is all Andi would want. Those in search of consolation should know that Andi found happiness in life, which is nonetheless true happiness because it must come to an end, nor does thought & love lose their value because they are not everlasting.

(Lament 11455 days, with love)

Sat, 15 Jan 2011 14:16:38 UTC | #578819

Go to: Available one TAM London Ticket - for best donation to RDF

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Thu, 14 Oct 2010 09:35:30 UTC | #533318

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