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Go to: Chinese Atheists Lured to Find Jesus at U.S. Christian Schools

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Perhaps AC Grayling said it best when he discussed the rise of Christianity in China:

The Chinese society is not a religious society but a superstitious one. [The major dominating influences in Chinese thought have been philosophies as opposed to religions (e.g. Buddhism and Confucianism.] And so the educated people throughout the Chinese tradition have been brought up in one or the other of those philosophies. And because they have not been exposed to what we would regard as traditional characteristic religious beliefs, they just don’t have them. This is a very good example of how education makes a difference in these respects

What explains what’s happening in China is allied rather closely to what’s happening elsewhere in the world, not in growth of numbers elsewhere in the world, but an increase in volume in the degree to which people are prepared to avow their faith or take a stand now that we’ve got this division opening up between the religious and the non-religious. And that is, when something, anything, is under pressure, any ideology is under pressure (as the Chinese communist ideology is) it opens a gap into which people fall if they don’t have something else to clutch on to. And people do have a propensity to look for the ready-made, the ready-to-hand set of answers, which is one reason for example of why people recur to religious belief.

Here in Hong Kong, on our streets, I see examples of what religious evangelicals are doing many times over in mainland China. I can't help but think that the rise of Christianity in China, as well as among peoples of the former Eastern Bloc in Europe, points to poor education in terms of critical thinking skills.

It is also a real concern that the many 'international' students who go abroad to study (i.e. in US, UK, Canada, Australia, etc) are being targetted by religious groups exactly because these students are vulnerable, impressionable and looking for a sense of community in a strange environment.

Sun, 25 Dec 2011 06:51:33 UTC | #902577

Go to: BBC Richard Dimbleby Lecture 1996 - Richard Dawkins

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Thank you for this. It was also wonderful to glimpse the big friendly giant Douglas Adams in the audience (at 11:46 in part 2 of 3).

Sat, 04 Jun 2011 02:37:11 UTC | #633844

Go to: New Zealand Earthquake

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My sympathies and well wishes go to everyone affected by the NZ earthquake.

But take a look at this news video .

At 2:25 on the news video , it shows the collapsed spire of Christchurch cathedral. The archbishop(?) or preacher is filmed saying:

Look at this, I'm sure there are some people under there. And we've got some folk up there that we want to get out but of course the emergency [teams] are all over the place dealing with gas leaks and God knows what else. It's just huge. And the building is a building. The really important thing [is] the people. We just don't know if there are people under this rubble. I fear there are.

It is just a peculiar juxtaposition of a supposedly religious person not realizing the hilarity (for want of a better term) of saying "God knows what else" in the wrong context. From his comments, he also regards the cathedral, wonderful architecture that it was, as just a building and not a revered "holy house of God or worship".

I suspect this religious person is the kind of individual that Dan Dennett and Linda Lascola refer to as Preachers who are not Believers .

Wed, 23 Feb 2011 04:33:25 UTC | #594812

Go to: Bang Goes The Theory: Richard Dawkins on Eye Evolution

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Apologies for being late to the party ;-)

Lol, the Oxford eye doctor (Prof Robert MacLaren, Oxford Eye Hospital) needs to update his analogy. Instead of referring the retina as being like a “camera’s film” that sends electronic signals, it’s actually better to refer the retina as being like a digital camera’s CCD or CMOS image sensor that sends electronic signals to the CPU. These image sensors literally convert light signals into electronic signals, which is a more appropriate analogy than static photographic film.

But otherwise, a nice popular science piece. Problem is, difficult to make cretinists and IDiots watch and accept these kinds of science education programmes.

Sat, 16 Oct 2010 01:03:45 UTC | #534169

Go to: Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage to Everyone Else

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@ cheesedoff17

Perhaps your opinion is influenced by the perception that Mrs Betty Bowers may be described as a “handsome” woman? :-) Wikipedia says the Betty Bowers character is “portrayed by voice actor and comedienne Deven Green”.

Coincidently, there is currently a landmark legal case in Hong Kong where a transgender woman is challenging the Hong Kong Government for her right to marry her boyfriend.

Fri, 13 Aug 2010 22:09:47 UTC | #500050

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