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i agree with Styrer

Wed, 10 Feb 2010 05:44:00 UTC | #440181

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The big question for me is how to believe, and not to believe, at the same time.

Oh brother!

Geeesh, people sure are clueless about Science. It's sickening.

because it assumes that men were stupid until science rescued them.

um, yeah, it appears humans have to LEARN about their environment through science. what makes you so angry about that, that some God didn't just magically put all the knowledge of the universe into our brains? well, that right there should tell you there was no loving God. Otherwise, we'd have not lost millions of people to disease and such.

Mon, 25 Jan 2010 18:12:00 UTC | #435121

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Dawkins, who has been saying for years that religion is the “root of all evil,” is now oddly intent on proving that atheists can be as good as Christians

Because if that’s true then it would seem that the greatest value of Haitians lives to Dawkins is how they make Dawkins look.

Atheists do not want to be "as good as Christians" because for one, we don't think their doctrine teaches people to be good. It is based on a violent selfish god. Secondly, Dawkins isn't promoting giving to charity as a egoistic ploy, rather, it is simply a progression of a free thinking movement. We need to show people that Atheists are kind giving people. The media and religious people have lead society to think Atheism is bad or of the devil, etc.... It is quite the opposite. The media also cannot wrap it's head around the fact that Atheists have no agenda, so they are always trying to invent one

Tue, 19 Jan 2010 19:51:00 UTC | #433123

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I know, I said the same thing to myself when i heard what Pat Robertson said. I can't believe all the Christians speaking out against him. That is what I find appauling, actually. The bible is full of all that crazy stuff, and it pisses me off that Christians won't acknowledge anything in the old testament except that the earth was created in a week and the 10 commandments and junk like that. Christians have such an easy out. It's like the old testament is totally off limits to Atheists who protest their faith. I wish we could change that. Pat Robertson tried.

Sun, 17 Jan 2010 15:54:00 UTC | #432257

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Astounding! I can't wait!

Wed, 13 Jan 2010 18:47:00 UTC | #431588

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