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Comment 68 by Jumped Up Chimpanzee :

More to the point, do the editors not read their own papers and realise some other moron made exactly the same stupid argument only a week or a day earlier?

Baroness Warsi and Stephen Bayley seem like a match made in heaven. Someone should introduce them to each other. Imagine the erudite conversation these two will have over breakfast.

'Did you see Richard Dawkins on Newsnight, yesterday evening?'

'Yes, dear. He was as strident and fanatical in his desire for rational arguments and evidence as always.'

'Horrible man. Pol Pot was a saint next to him...'

Fri, 17 Feb 2012 15:41:02 UTC | #918856

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Comment 61 by Sean_W :

Comment 51 by Drosera

Well, at least we village idiots occasionally say something that needed to be said. We may lack intelligence and grace, but we come equipped with a decent sense of fairness. This piece lacks all three, and is completely unnecessary to boot. What’s worse, its language suggests wit, but its content is obviously dead –a zombie piece.

I now realize that comparing Mr. Bayley to a demented village idiot is unfair to said village idiots, who may indeed in their drunken rants hit upon the truth from time to time. That is something Mr. Bayley will never accomplish, however intoxicated (from vintage wines and religion) he may be. I stand corrected.

Fri, 17 Feb 2012 15:25:06 UTC | #918843

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Surely there must exist village idiots suffering from Korsakoff's dementia who are able to write more coherently and intelligently than this waste of cyberspace. The stupidity and ignorance on display are simply disgusting. I feel as if I have just stepped into a turd.

Fri, 17 Feb 2012 14:40:24 UTC | #918816

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Atheism is a foreign concept in our communities and our children seem to carry on believing in high numbers.

As long as this is true they are doomed to remain second-rate at everything that matters in an advanced society. Where people are discouraged to think for themselves they will stay ignorant.

Tue, 27 Dec 2011 11:07:53 UTC | #902961

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People like this murderer Mumtaz Qadri constitute living proof of the Theory of Evolution. Look at that intensely stupid and smug face and you see a big ape, an alpha male, satisfied after just having killed a rival. One would like to drag him by his ugly beard to a mirror and shout to him like a drill sergeant: “You see that idiotic face in the mirror? That animal, that ape? That’s you. You are an ape, your parents were apes, and your great-great-great-great grandparents were apes, and your ancestors were monkeys living in the trees. And much longer ago, millions and millions of years ago, your ancestors were sorry little mammals hiding away for the dinosaurs, and, still further back in time, your ancestors were scaly fish, and, still more distant, they were bloody bacteria! There is no Allah, there are no 72 virgins waiting for you in a garden with rivers of milk and honey. You are just a pathetic loser who threw away his life and that of another human being, another ape, for a bunch of stupid ideas conjured up by apes who, like you, couldn’t face reality. And that reality is that you are an ape. Nothing more, nothing less. We are all apes. You worthless cretin!”

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 00:26:19 UTC | #877973

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