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Go to: Richard Dawkins: 'I never meet people who disagree with me'

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Comment 36 by John Jones:
Atheists and Christians both believe in psychiatry...

Not necessarily.

An "atheist" is merely someone who does not believe in any gods.

If you have chosen one of these paths then we'll never meet, because I go a different way.

So are you a Scientologist or not?

Comment 41 by fiddlesticksII:
I will give you evidence that God exists.

Which god are you referring to, Zeus, Thor, or Allah?

If you propose that something exists, then the onus is upon you to define the thing that you are proposing.

Fri, 17 Sep 2010 14:06:41 UTC | #519867

Go to: Richard Dawkins: 'I never meet people who disagree with me'

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Comment 14 by NakedCelt :

I have a nasty premonition, looking at #2, #4, #5, #6, #7, and #9, that your alternative hypothesis is some kind of Chopraesque "universal consciousness" wibble backed up by dreams or hallucinations. Please prove me wrong... if I'm wrong.

It sounds like the obvious nonsense that is Scientology to me.

Thu, 16 Sep 2010 15:16:57 UTC | #519044

Go to: 50 Atheist Billboards Go Up in Atlanta

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Comment 9 by DreadFallen :

I have to drive up 75-N on thursday to Decatur.. Hope I see a couple =P

Comment 17 by Red5 :

I live in Atlanta and have been looking around for one of these billboards...


  1. Moreland Avenue, Custer Avenue W/S Face: N
  2. N. Main Street, Lakewood Dr. N/S Face: E
  3. Cleveland Ave., Harris St. N/S Face: W
  4. Highway 5, Douglas Blvd. E/S Face: S
  5. Mayson Street, Hardee Street N/S Face: E
  6. Hightower Road, Burton Road W/S Face: S
  7. Bankhead Avenue, Echo Street N/S Face: E
  8. Mcdonough Blvd., Jonesboro Road S/S Face: E
  9. Gordon Street, Wellington Street N/S Face: E
  10. Boulevard, Gartrell St. E/S Face: N
  11. Ashby Street, Gordon Street W/S Face: N
  12. M. L. King, I-20 N/S Face: E
  13. Cleveland Dr., Blount St. S/S Face: E
  14. Glenn Street, Mcdaniel Street N/S Face: W
  15. Delowe Drive, Headland Dr. E/S Face: S
  16. Canton Road, Shallowford Road E/S Face: S
  17. Marietta Street, Marietta Road N/S Face: E
  18. Poole Creek Road, Zip Industrial Blvd N/S Face: E
  19. Browns Mill Rd., Empire Blvd. S/S Face: E
  20. Milford Church, Austell Road S/S Face: E
  21. Lee Road, County Line Road W/S Face: N
  22. Katherwood, Evans Drive S/S Face: E
  23. Harris Street, Normanberry Drive W/S Face: S
  24. Jonesboro Road, Constitution Road W/S Face: N
  25. Campbellton Road, Childress Drive N/S Face: W
  26. Edgewood Avenue, Krog N/S Face: W
  27. Hollywood Road, Bankhead Hwy. S/S Face: E
  28. Capitol Avenue, Bass Street E/S Face: N
  29. Martin Street, Crumley St. W/S Face: N
  30. Norwood Drive, Forrest Park Road N/S Face: W
  31. Gilbert Road, Poole Creek Road W/S Face: S
  32. Normanberry Dr., Martin St. S/S Face: E
  33. Bouldercrest Drive,Flat Shoals Avenue S/S Face: S
  34. James Jackson Parkway, Bolton Road E/S Face: N
  35. Cascade Road, Beecher Street S/S Face: E
  36. Glenwood Road, Patterson Road N/S Face: E
  37. Blairs Bridge Road, Blairs Way S/S Face: W
  38. Hills Avenue, Peters Street W/S Face: N
  39. Mcdaniel Street, Rockwell Street W/S Face: N
  40. Jonesboro Rd., Scott Road E/S Face: S
  41. Fair Drive, Pryor Street W/S Face: E
  42. Flat Shoals Avenue, Memorial Drive E/S Face: N
  43. Perry Boulevard, Kerry Drive S/S Face: E
  44. Peachtree St, Mitchell St W/S Face: N
  45. Buford Hwy, Bragg St W/S Face: S
  46. Howell Mill & Old Chattahoochee W/S Face: S
  47. Kennedy Street, English Avenue N/S Face: E
  48. Constitution Road, Jonesboro Road W/S Face: W
  49. Eastland Drive, Bouldercrest Rd N/S Face: W
  50. Fulton Street, Martin St. N/S Face: N

Mon, 13 Sep 2010 16:14:43 UTC | #517098

Go to: Hawking: God did not create Universe

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Comment 103 by Tony123:

Where is your valid objective evidence that you and the world around you actually exists?

Ah, the typically characteristic evasive semantic leaps of the cultural relativist, and not without their irony.

So what do you deem as a rational, logical reason for proclaiming that religious dogma represents "truth"?

Do you genuinely believe that truth is merely a matter of subjective personal opinion and that all thoughts on an issue are equally valid?

"There really is something special about scientific evidence. Science works, planes fly, magic carpets and broom sticks don’t. Gravity is not a version of the truth, it is the truth. Anybody who doubts it is invited to jump out of a 10 story window." - Richard Dawkins

Comment 178 by Quetzalcoatl:

It is truly fascinating how people are willing to use the most tortuous reasoning in an effort to claim validity for their particular holy book. And the contrast between mentioning M-theory in one breath and a multi-dimensional hell in the other is really something to behold.

I couldn't agree more. The mind boggles.

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 04:45:33 UTC | #512769

Go to: Slogans for Protest the Pope

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Popemobile: Because Bullets are Real and Your God is Not!!


Popemobile: Because Imaginary Friends in the Sky offer ZERO Protection!!


Popemobile: Less Effective than Condoms!!


Condoms = Good, Pope = Bad

Sun, 05 Sep 2010 19:41:36 UTC | #511958

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