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It seems that every time I come onto this site I encounter misogyny. The last time I was here there was a comment on another thread about how women want to dominated. For personal reasons I found this very upsetting. I didn't comment on it at the time because I couldn't figure out whether or not the commentor was being fascetious and, like many people, I have a fear of being percieved as a humourless, strident feminist.

Now, I come here after a week's absence and one of then first comments I see judges the quality of the film by the gender of its presumed audience.

Personally, I've never been drawn to the sort of movies deemed chick flicks, but since some critisms of evolution use false accusations about Darwin's personal life, there is perhaps some utility in film like ths.

Wed, 30 Sep 2009 15:48:00 UTC | #402292

Go to: Woman Details Dramatic Encounter with Radical Islam

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The question about why apparently sane, intelligent people believe the unbelievable is an important one. I have, at times, entertained notions which now seem absurd and I ask myself why and how. The following passage struck me as very relevant:

Each time I read the Qur’an, I would try to suspend disbelief and accept it on its own terms, just to better experience what it might be like to be Muslim. And the more I engaged in such
nonjudgmental reading, the more the beliefs of Islam began to seep into my brain and become more “reasonable.”

However, we should keep in mind that it isn't only religious leaders who take advantage of their position to foist themselves sexually on vulnerable young women. I know that religion adds an extra level of coercion and hypocrisy. But everything she's descibed thus far is commonplace female experience.

Sun, 20 Sep 2009 04:41:00 UTC | #399117

Go to: Frank Schaeffer on Rachel Maddow

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"a fifth column of insanity"

I don't know when Americans are going to wake up to the fact that these people are dragging down the rest of the country and stop humoring them. No one has yet answered why this crazy question was even asked. Does anybody know anything about the background of this poll?

Considering the way Schaeffer was raised, I don't mind cutting him a slack on his difficulty in making a complete break with religion. However, the comparison of Dawkins with a televangelist is excessive.

Do religious people really say that atheists borrow their morality from religion? That's odd. Just bring up the subject of sex and I think you'll find loads of differences.

Fri, 18 Sep 2009 20:55:00 UTC | #398800

Go to: Students must learn about other religions: judge

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The course's introduction was the final step in the secularization of Quebec schooling that began with a 1997 constitutional amendment replacing denominational school boards with linguistic ones.

I'm glad to see that this has changed since I lived there.

Popecorkyxxiv, religious instruction in Quebec schools wasn't put there by right wing nuts. It's a holdover from a much earlier time. I'm just recalling what people told me, so please forgive any inaccuracies, but education in Quebec was run for a long time by the Catholic Church. Most Quebecois I know have something of a love/hate relationship with the Church and one of the reasons has to do with feeling that the church was instrumental in keeping the francophone population ignorant. Universal compulsory education came to Quebec a little bit later than the rest of Canada.

They begin teaching evolution in grade 3. They're really (ironically) one of the most advanced school systems with respect to secularism & science.

That doesn't surprise me at all. The parents who are suing are not representative of the general population in my experience.

Fri, 04 Sep 2009 06:44:00 UTC | #394389

Go to: Can Atheists Be Parents?

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This is strange. I was adopted through the Children's Aid Society in New Jersey back in the sixties by an atheist father and an agnostic mother. Interestingly, my biological mother had grown up in an Baptist familly and, since she felt that the religion had not served her well, she requested that I not be placed with a religious familly. I'll haved to ask my mother if religion figured into the adoption process at all. She's never mentioned it, so I assumed it didn't.

Wed, 26 Aug 2009 00:25:00 UTC | #391655

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