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Go to: Why Romney's Religion Matters

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It appears there is some support for Sean in this comments section, am I the only person who finds his voice, style and content annoying?

This topic looked interesting, but watching Sean is like watching some conspiracy theorist talk about the Illuminati. And his insights about Romney's alignment with right wing values like more-money-for-the-rich are just plain... well, so obvious that they're not worth pointing out. Does he think it's news to us that a religious candidate will be against abortion, or that a right wing candidate will be against socialized medicine?

What's more, foundations like this are meant to be politically neutral, having someone so clearly aligned to one party not only threatens the foundation's legitimacy, it alienates atheists on the right.

Add to that one of the most annoying speaking voices imaginable, rivaling William Lane Craig, and a real chip-on-his-shoulder tone and Sean makes for a terrible spokesperson for reason in my opinion. Good on him for the work he puts in, and for his bravery in being an out atheist in the political sphere, but compared to Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennet and Harris, Faircloth is a disappointment and an annoyance every time I listen to him.

I know it's harsh, but I think some people might agree with me.

Fri, 03 Feb 2012 05:51:39 UTC | #914145

Go to: What Obama Got Wrong About the Mosque

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So what exactly did Obama get wrong???

Nothing. He reasserted the constitutional imperative to freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The imperative that protects all of us from religious oppression. I didn't see any equivocating from Obama, but I did see him address the concerns of those who oppose the building of the Mosque, he didn't even need to do this. In fact this is perhaps the only wrong thing he did: addressing the concerns of people opposing as specific religious group, in doing this he was acting against the constitution, the "weeks of silence" were exactly what should have come from the president of a secular nation regarding a completely legal and constitutional action taken by a religious group.

Sorry Sam, in a lifetime of saying right things you've gone wrong here, the question doesn't answer itself at all. Our cultural identity and our cultural advantage over the powers of theocracy lies in our principles. It is self-defeating to give up one's principles in order to defend them.

Tue, 17 Aug 2010 21:19:25 UTC | #501553

Go to: Catholic Government

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The best parodies come from the oblivious

I especially loved when they said how a benevolent monarch should have people do his bidding... well that's the pre-pubescent boys occupied... but what about the rest of us?

And then to point to the Catholic church as that which pulled us out of darkness... I mean especially considering that when the Catholics over powered the Romans it plunged us into the dark ages and blessed us with Crusades and Inquisitions only to be pulled out by Islamic scholars who rediscovered Greek wisdom and informed the Enlightenment, a movement characterized by a move away from dogmatic faith to individual responsibility and education....

Perhaps they should make a call about how you're also saving lots of people in Africa from aids by denying them information about condoms. That would round it off just nicely.

Mon, 16 Aug 2010 00:37:27 UTC | #500841

Go to: Obama makes clear his support for ground zero mosque

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Comment 4 by spetroxx :

Quite frankly, I would rather have Pat Condell as our U.S. President:

That would be great wouldn't it? Another US President that doesn't understand the first amendment.

Mon, 16 Aug 2010 00:20:21 UTC | #500836

Go to: The faith trap

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I disagree with Richard. I find it bad manners to use a polite dinner with friends to force one's religion down others' throats. If Richard chooses not to hypocritically talk to some God he doesn't believe in it won't be him "ostentatiously" drawing attention to his disbelief, this will already have been done by whoever chose to say grace.

God can supposedly read minds. Saying grace out loud in the company of those who don't hold your beliefs is ostentatious, and unnecessary.

Tue, 27 Apr 2010 05:17:00 UTC | #463269

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