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The idea that almost all Muslims implicitly condoned the 9/11 attacks or at least sympathized with terrorists is extremely disturbing, and one of the main reasons the mainstream atheist websites are distressing to read. How many of you actually live in a Muslim country? I do, and I meet Muslims who don't think the Quran is 100% correct ALL THE TIME. Just like not all Christians are creationists, there are Muslims who 1) Don't care about religion at all,and try to stay out of it 2) Call themselves Muslims but don't even believe in the Quran literally 3) Are extremely religious but openly disavow terrorism / homophobia and so on. As someone else has mentioned, many people here simply define a Muslim as 'evil stupid being' and refuse to acknowledge any other kind of Muslim exists.

I am fully aware that there is a problem within Islam. The punishment for apostasy prevents many Muslims I know from leaving their religion openly, and like other religions, homophobia and mysoginy is more prevalent among Islamic societies. But the idea that MOST Muslims are closet Bin Laden lovers is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE. Many Muslims ARE trying to reform their religion, why are we kicking them by arrogantly saying they should be doing more? Read up on groups like Sisters in Islam, who fight for women rights for example. No offence, but groups like those have done much more for Islam reformation that this website, yet if they were ever featured here I am confident that they would recieve a bashing from the comfortable commenters here.

Mon, 26 Sep 2011 04:34:34 UTC | #875181

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Comment 19 by Peter Grant :

I live in South Africa and I have been threatened by Muslims at work for forwarding cartoons criticising Islam. The reason apartheid lasted so long was because "good and decent people" were cowards and said nothing. It was only when we all stood up to the evil that it fell.

Oh get off your moral high horse. First of all, there are quite obviously Muslims who condemn the killing, and aren't afraid to speak out. Thousands came out to support Salman Taseer during his funeral, even if selective reading prevents you from acknowledging it. And if you work and have friends among Muslims, you must know that almost all of them find terrorism repugnant. My point was that you can't expect all of them to put their lives on their line as Salman Taseer did. (and no, forwarding some cartoons does not give you the moral high ground to condemn over a billion people in the world)

Sun, 09 Jan 2011 13:03:51 UTC | #575652

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Comment 13 by josephor :

Is this Blasphemy or racism when I say these people are ignorant savages

If by 'these people', you mean all Muslims, or most of them, then it's very blatant bigotry.

Sun, 09 Jan 2011 12:43:30 UTC | #575648

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Comment 16 by Peter Grant :

Julian_Rain's Avatar Comment 11 by Julian_Rain

Maybe in numbers they would be okay - but for the first few to speak up - they'd need balls of steel.

Since when has the Muslim world exhibited a shortage of people willing to die for what they believe? These "moderates", if they exist, do need to grow some.

It is very easy for you to sit in safety and expect others to speak up, when you know very well that the moderates who 'grow some' face the threat of death. As an atheist living in a Muslim country, I tire of the people commenting on this website who lazily imagine all Muslims to be, if not outright evil, at least cowardly and irresponsible. The fact that the vast majority of Muslims are good and decent people is obvious to anyone living among them, and only in websites such as these (which I enjoy reading) do you find comments which indicate such blatant bigotry.

Sun, 09 Jan 2011 12:39:37 UTC | #575647

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