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Go to: Genetically-modified mosquito designed to avoid malaria spread

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If I could modify mosquitos, their resistance to parasites would not occupy much of my research budget. As the old pun goes, "I've had anopheles damn mosquitos."

Ah! You need one of these traps!

Your midge trap brings up two questions that would be vital for success of an anti-malaria strategy based on GM mosquitoes. Basically does the plasmodium parasite modify the behaviour or smell of it's hosts? Are infected humans "tastier" for the mosquitoes and does the presence of the parasite in the mosquitoes, or the insects immune genes affect their probability of biting infected humans rather than healthy ones if they can tell them apart?

Thu, 14 Jun 2012 17:04:20 UTC | #947422

Go to: French Newspaper Firebombed After Satire Involving Prophet Muhammad

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A few comments on Paris and Charlie-hebdo.

Last week there was a disturbance when some extreme Catholics tried to disrupt a play in Paris figuring Jesus, with some minor violence (but no arson), and the French radio stations seem to think that religious bigotry in general is becoming fashionable this season.

As for Charlie-Hebdo, it's a satirical and rather left leaning weekly that's been around since the '60s anv was once banned by the French government for making fun of Gen. De Gaulle's demise( = Blasphemy against Hero Politician...) and changed its name to continue publishing.

Since then it has ridiculed all things worthy of ridicule and most especially racist french attitudes towards North-Africans, and blacks, and Muslims be they official or private (by no stretch of the imagination could it be labelled "islamophobic" and most French Muslims (who's organizations have denounced the attack en masse) know this. And probably realize that if more and more Muslim weirdos have come up for ridicule in it's pages, it's because they fully earned it, by acting weird...

As things stand CH's only intervention in the Mohammed cartoon business were a republishing of the Danish Cartoons with a cover page cartoon of their own showing a distraught Mo going " bou...hou...hou... I's so tough to be worshipped by so many jerks" (no major Muslim comlaints were heard in France), and the more recent inviting Mo as special editor for an issue commenting on Tunisian elections and Lybia's sharia laws, that led to a fire bombing.

It will be interesting to see if the cops get the culprits and how the North-African french public reacts. It is faintly possible the crazies may have shot themselves in the foot on this one (hopfully).

Thu, 03 Nov 2011 09:58:42 UTC | #886760

Go to: Church HIV prayer cure claims 'cause three deaths'

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Quite astonishing. I'm rather ignorant of British laws so I'd like to know three things:

  • Does Britain have laws against manslaughter or at lest something like reckless endangerment leading to death, or something of the sort.

  • Since the crap seems to come from Nigeria, can British courts indite an alien who has materially helped to cause manslaughter or whatever applies against a British subject or a person living in Britain under the protection Her Majesty's Government's laws?

  • Is Britain a basket case power quite unable to to twist some , say Lybian or Nigerian arms a get an extradition?

  • If the answers are yes-yes and no, why has nothing beyond tut-tuting in respectable circles been done?

    Is all this just a "nigger" problem, and... you know... well, they'll always be, well... you know...

    Wed, 19 Oct 2011 00:52:36 UTC | #881993

    Go to: Scholar Says Corporal Punishment May Have Shaped World Religions

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    Here is a quote from Dr. Ablow' artclle:

    In 1732, Susannah Wesley, mother of John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism, discussed the connection between childhood corporal punishment and the development of a religious world-view. Susannah, who began punishing her children before they were one year old, saw the physical inculcation of obedience as a necessary part of the child’s religious education. She wrote:

    I insist on conquering the will of children betimes [i.e, early in life],

    because this is the only strong and rational foundation of a religious education, without which both precept and example will be ineffectual. … This is still more evident if we further consider that religion is nothing else than the doing the will of God, and not our own....1

    In this remarkable passage, Wesley identifies a link between the experience of the child, who is coerced into disregarding his or her own will and following the will of the parent, and the experience of the religionist, who disregards his or her own will and attempts to follow the will of God. Wesley makes the striking suggestion that one who has not, as a child, been coerced into obedience will not develop a religious outlook. Although she did not speak in overtly psychological terms, Wesley proposed that the child’s experience of enforced submission to the parent provides a necessary psychic foundation for a belief system centered on submission to God.

    How horribly, shockingly clear!

    Other authors like the (non-freudian) analyst Alice Miller who researched the effects of violent upbringing reached similar conclusions and believes there is a more general effect on the child's future capacity for cruelty and atrocity. Most child rearing techniques in Austria and Germany were pretty sadistic in the early 1900s when the future Nazis were growing up.

    Sat, 15 Oct 2011 12:53:40 UTC | #881064

    Go to: Where child sacrifice is a business

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    Comment 27 by ZenDruid

    How about putting a substantial bounty on the heads of those shamans?

    Good idea, and since it's organized crime the ones who squeal on "colleagues" and clients could be offered lesser sentences etc..

    But who is to offer the bounties, or order the police to get serious? Only the government (the state) could but it doesn't seem to bother...

    Thu, 13 Oct 2011 17:08:53 UTC | #880573

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