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RIP Hitch

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 11:42:37 UTC | #899674

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Hitchens is right to identify the building of Park51 as a test of tolerance. However, Islam itself does not tolerate the other faiths and it does not give equal rights to those of other faiths. It remains to be seen what sort of Islam will be espoused from Park51. The views of this Imam Rauf are worrying though. But the concerns of intolerant Islam can be applied to building a mosque anywhere. The fact that it is close to Ground Zero is not a rational argument.

It is in bad taste and it is offensive. But those are not good arguments to stop it happening and no good arguments against building it exist. There are possible arguments against building mosques full stop, just like we might stop other intolerant organistaions from building hubs of hate and discrimination. But I think even these are worrying infringements of freedoms.

Let's not stoop to the level of intolerance of Muslims.

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