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I want to thank Richard Dawkins and Josh Timonen for all their efforts to help people understand evolution, and spread the understanding and love for science. Richard Dawkins has had a profound impact on my life, his books have inspired me to want to become a scientist. Keep up the good work because what you are doing is making a difference. I live in Alabama and the majority of people here do not believe evolution is a sufficient explanation for the origin of life. I always try to persuade people to see the truth and these videos have really done more for them then I ever have just by talking. I've actually convinced several people now and have not really had to say a word. Everyone please remember how important it is to donate if it is affordable for you, its worth a few dollars to spread the understanding of science and evolution.


Fri, 24 Jul 2009 13:42:00 UTC | #382000

Go to: RDF TV - Nebraska Vignettes #2 - Why are there still Chimpanzees?

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Im not sure if they will see this or not, but I wanted to thank Josh Timonen and Richard Dawkins for the time and effort they put into everything they do for science and evolution. As well as all the other people that contribute that we don't know about.
Everyone else please remember that if you can afford to, please donate, you don't have to be rich to contribute, just donate whatever you can afford. These videos are not just good for our entertainment, they can occasionally have a profound impact on an individuals belief of science and evolution. Never forget how imprortant what RDF is doing is for our society.

Thank you

Thu, 16 Jul 2009 02:05:00 UTC | #379548

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