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Go to: Christians want orca stoned to death

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But, the Scripture soberly warns, if one of your animals kills a second time because you didn’t kill it after it claimed its first human victim, this time you die right along with your animal. To use the example from Exodus, if your ox kills a second time, “the ox shall be stoned, and its owner also shall be put to death.” (Exodus 21:29)

So who is the owner that is going to be stoned to death along with the oxwhale?

Thu, 04 Mar 2010 06:02:00 UTC | #446495

Go to: Real men find Church too girly

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Holy shit, this is the greatest article ever. "Coffee wench, bring me a beer and my sword!"

Mon, 01 Feb 2010 05:05:00 UTC | #437349

Go to: MMR scare doctor 'acted unethically', panel finds

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Even if vaccines did have a small chance to cause autism wouldn't it still be a necessary process? I would think that losing herd immunity would have a more negative impact than the sporadic cases of autism would.

Fri, 29 Jan 2010 04:06:00 UTC | #436529

Go to: Rachel Maddow and Katy Parker

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Attending one of the more evangelical schools and churches of Tampa Bay as a kid, I was exposed to a music video depicting some child's father being led away to die for being a Christian in some Orwellian future US. It wasn't the only time I saw such a video, but it's the one I still remember.

With these sorts of videos being common place, it's a wonder I haven't heard of religious groups protesting religious discrimination like the NC case. (Not to mention Orwellian things like the PATRIOT Act.)

Holy shit, I am pretty sure I have seen that same video. Some guy was talking to his kid about being killed for believing in Jesus. I think it was part of a Carmen show or something.

Wed, 16 Dec 2009 01:42:00 UTC | #423737

Go to: Waiting For Armageddon

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Seems like the third world war will be caused in 2142 by a lack of natural resources instead.

Tue, 15 Dec 2009 01:09:00 UTC | #423469

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