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Go to: Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss: Something from Nothing, at ANU (Canberra Australia)

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This was such a great conversation. I loved the conversational tone that this format was able to achieve.

I must admit that i am really intrigued by the premise of Lawrence Kraus' book and am now going to purchase and read it. The argument of "who created the big bang" or "where did the original something come from" has been used against me in discussions countless times as the ultimate last stand position of a religious mindset. I hope that after i have read Kraus' book that i will be able to more aptly refute even this last argument.

Sat, 21 Apr 2012 18:06:53 UTC | #936317

Go to: Catholic School Contradictions.

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Comment 1 by Richard Dawkins :

Interesting contradictions.

It would be helpful if inhabitants of North America would recognise that 'Grade 5' has a purely local meaning. It is not a part of the worldwide English language. The age of a child is.


Grade 5 should be roughly 10 years old.

Mon, 30 May 2011 11:51:27 UTC | #632337

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This video was very well done. Religions, especially now, know that in today's world of information that their best chance of indoctrination is to start young and create the necessary roadblocks that will need to be set up to sustain belief.

Mon, 30 May 2011 11:48:01 UTC | #632335

Go to: A disturbing event

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I have actually been encouraged by some in the workplace's reaction to what she did. Word got around about her intense and volatile reaction to my simply reading a book. I have been approached by a few people one of which is most likely a closet atheist himself who is disgusted and many others who while believers of some sort find this woman's reaction off-putting.

I think that those of you who have responded are right perhaps the increased exposure is driving some religious toward the extreme end of the spectrum out of fear. I have tried to be civil in my reactions since it is the workplace but i was forced to respond when the person asked me how i could love without God ...

I said that i am perfectly capable of loving others without believing in any magical fairies in the sky.

Wed, 04 May 2011 21:11:17 UTC | #623094

Go to: An exodus from faith: TaylorX04

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I have to admit that as someone who is grappling with the propspect of "coming out" as atheist that this was actually a great series to listen to ... inspiring in a way.

Wed, 06 Apr 2011 16:00:15 UTC | #612657

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