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Comment 4 by Jay G :

Comment 3 by Alan4discussion :

Here's why I reject the alleged distinction between "Jewish culture" and "Jewish religion" as a false dichotomy: If you understand Jewish history (a.k.a. the history of the Jewish People / Nation of Israel, which is also part of the same big picture), you will see that we're talking not about a religion over here and a culture over there, but rather a religious culture.

Clearly you are right in regard to Orthodox Jewish groups or sects, where their religion and lifestyles are deeply intertwined, but there are ateist JetwTs who are si mply culturally and sociallrobably a range of positions in between. Christiatns also range there familyom raving fundamentalists to token adherents.

What makes an "atheist Jew" a Jew? What element of Judaism is shared by all Jews that binds them together as Jews? Until the enlightenment, it was taken for granted that Torah and Mitzvos bound Jews together as one people. Once people start to give up the Torah way of life, what is it that keeps them within Judaism (I'm asking about definitions here)

there family ties and traditions. They are ex-jews. They follow the traditions but dont belive in supernatural. Eg just becaue i am an atheist dont mean i cant selebrate christmas. Since when do jews need to be one people anyway they are all seperate cults not one people. This is obvious from all the in fighting.

Sat, 18 Aug 2012 16:19:07 UTC | #951003

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giving them a light exposure to religion at a young age is a good thing as it innoculates them against its full force. another thing you could try is to give them so much religion that it bores them. I recomend taking them to a grown ups 1 hour+ church service. I'm fairly sure that was the reason i hated church as a child.

Mon, 02 Jul 2012 22:37:11 UTC | #948474

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This last bit reminds me of the pirate party in sweden. The pirate party is an invented religion where the act of copying is considered sacred. Surely it is a win-win senario. If they lose the argument the other side has to consede that freedom of religion has limits. If they win then they get to rip-off software and music for free!

Thu, 31 May 2012 20:52:47 UTC | #944840

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i am so proud Great Britian is top

Thu, 31 May 2012 20:33:39 UTC | #944835

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i've noticed that our answer to: are evolution and religion compatable? is dependant upon who we are talking to. If we are talking to other atheists, then evolution and religion are incompatible. If we are talking to believers then we tell them their views are compatible with evolution.

this is a bit of a double standard

Thu, 31 May 2012 19:49:14 UTC | #944822

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