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Comment 91 by NickD

I am 100% in support of your idea, and as a matter of fact I have started translating the TMOR, for my personal use ( I mean to distribute to my family and friends' children without publication or anything or taking money). I would like to know if Richard are welling to endorse such an idea, I mean making at least Arabic translations of his works freely available on the internet. Because if he gives the OK, I will contribute as well as many others I know will do also without charge. I can also have the supervision support of specialized english Literature Arabic PhDs so we make sure that what is being translated is really what is being written. I think this what RD for reason and science is all about.

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 08:57:25 UTC | #889387

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I happen to know an Arabic translation of The Blind Watchmaker, it was renamed "What Is new in Natural Selection", in one of its editions and in an edition that was printed in Emarates it had a title that is faithful to the original one. Other than that the translation was excellent. I think the reason behind that is that the translator was a scientist (bio-medical if I remember correctly). I think the background and the familiarity with the subject is a prerequisite for a successful translation. Another issue, for books that aims to explain science, the confidence and familiarity of the translator with the subject, as well as the availability of the equivalent technical terms in the language into which the translation is done takes the highest weight. But for books that tries to convince people of something (like GD), the translator needs to have at least a similar position to the subject matter as the author. Regarding the rhetorical patterns and idioms of English, as compared to Arabic, based on a reading a lot of arabic translation for english books, the problem awkwardly enough is that lack of good sense in Arabic language not lack of understanding of english. This may seem shocking to some. But this is what concluded for the literal translation of some English idioms, that does not make sense in arabic while there exist some arabic equivalents for them that makes sense.

Fri, 11 Nov 2011 08:37:24 UTC | #889384

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I just need you to understand something very important this movements started by youth. One of the shocked trends is the Muslim brotherhood. They found out that they are not so influential. The voice is people's voice. The motto is almost like the french revolution (bread Justice and freedom). Do you think that this is the kind of people that would support the theocratic government.

The main force is the poor people. They ask for just redistribution of resource. All this old systems are only relying on their alliance with the US. These systems try to feed the West the (Radical Islam) fear. The people for the first time in 30 years demonstrate in the strongest way a real understanding of the Democracy. Freedom of the people for legalization (through constitution and elected representatives) is the main core of Democracy and is the exact anti-thesis of Shari'a or any theocratic doctrine.

Sun, 30 Jan 2011 05:16:07 UTC | #585846

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I am an Egyptian and I could assure you that till now every thing is driven by economical reasons (poverty and lack of work) and the people are asking for dissolution of the parliament because it was a result of forged elections. I think the only party that uses (Radical Islam) is the oppressive government to sell to the western world (Islamophobia claims) to make the West turn away and close their eyes against the oppressive violations by the police and the governing party.

I am sure that at least 50 % of the protesters have no religious background, they really do not care All the three days now I never heard one islamic propaganda. The request for the people to start a new protest from mosques and churches this Firday was only because the police prevented the people from going to any gathering place or public squares for protestation.

They have a governing person for 30 years and he failed in every aspect to provide the basic needs of the people. They ask for him to be retired after all his failures. That is all. Emergency law have been active for 30 years. Some people was born and died and saw no other face than a 85 years old president. (no meaning then for the rotation of power)

The sms services are down and the internet in all the major cites are shutdown from today. The government is preparing to a very strong and bloody confrontation with the people and do not want the news to reach the world.

It will be liberal and democratic revolution, how I know? Because people like me (and we are not few) will not let it be Islamic or for what matters religious in any aspect. We do need your support to reveal what is happening to the people from police brutality and violation of human rights and even lives. they start shooting people with life ammunition.

To rolan

I do understand your fears, and I share some of them with you but the solution is not in supporting this dictatorships. The solution is in more education and more openness to the science and information. The West should support the education of the people and their basic needs. The rest will follow. Iran experience have been very important for the Egyptian people. I know of no Egyptian is willing to accept policies from a Shiekh or any religious figure.

Fri, 28 Jan 2011 06:30:32 UTC | #585121

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Since no one created you, you owe no one your being here. Now you can CREATE YOURSELF. Life is a sea and us in it is like a boat, but we build and rebuild the boat as we sail. There is no goal for life (except the propagation of your genes), but you can now build your own goal reason purpose.

For me my personal purpose is to know and gain a clear understanding of every thing. sure I will die unfinished but that is what I like. For others there is different purposes they enjoy living for but you have to construct your own.

You can decide what is right and what is wrong in each separate occasion without reference to some text, by judging the consequences of your actions and by putting yourself in the place of other people. More than that you can be really free from fear and from false guilt that you missed a prayer or having questions in your head about ALLAH.

About the hate point. I think you are actually regretting that you lost part of your life believing and loving a myth. I say that because I was there. It is not hate, it is more like getting even with the mythology that you were brought to believe. It could be converted to a positive feeling by thinking forward how beautiful the world could be if we really started realizing what we are able to do without the mythology constraints.

Train yourself to destruct the idea of the invisible agent behind what is happening and read about science. And think what if...?

Updated: Mon, 13 Sep 2010 18:25:16 UTC | #517168

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