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Go to: Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally to Discuss Risks of Internet

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This is in New York?????

Wed, 23 May 2012 07:26:15 UTC | #943063

Go to: UPDATED: Why I want all our children to read the King James Bible

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Rather they had Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” as mandatory in every school. I too, have read the Bible from cover to cover more than twice, and my overwhelming conviction, almost from the first line, has been utter bewilderment that anybody in history ever took this bunkum seriously, other than as an anthropological record and an interesting insight into ancient origin myths.

In terms of literature, yes, I can understand the historical and cultural importance, but personally would prefer to read Homer, Tolkein, Shakespeare. The Bible should be in every library and school but only in the Myth or Historical section.

Sun, 20 May 2012 09:19:29 UTC | #942372

Go to: Santorum, Satan and the Fate of the Freeworld

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Perhaps it is the electorate who need a test to vote? Isn't Santorum no more than a reflection of the American electorate? That is the real problem, and the core flaw with any democracy.

What happened to the America of the Apollo era, when science and seeking of knowledge was celebrated, where every child had a Saturn V in their bedroom, where science was to be applauded, not denigrated, scorned and misrepresented.

To have a Presidential candidate seriously invoking "Satan" in the 21st Century is bewildering and horrifying. It brings to mind the crass stupidity and ingorance encapsulated in Arthur Miller's "The Crucible."

Thankfully this moron has failed in his bid to the White House, but not by much. Does America really want to be led by "Hockey Mom's" or snake-oil salesmen rejoicing in their own ignorance?

As Richard says, this is not just an American problem, it affects us all. I find watching American electionering a harrowing process. If it wasn't so serious, it would be Pythonesque. Perhaps America needs a good dose of "Spitting Image" to filter out the imbeciles and expose their grotesque doctrines.

Sun, 15 Apr 2012 08:55:00 UTC | #934765

Go to: The Sins of the Fathers [Also in Polish]

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This is one of those moments when we miss the formidable Hitch to administer one of his legendary “Hitch-slaps” to this desecration of scurrilous gutter-journalism, AND from the Telegraph as well. Shame on them!

Mon, 20 Feb 2012 08:41:48 UTC | #919919

Go to: UK Christian leaders warn religion is being pushed out of public life

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Good. Religion should not be part of public life. Get the shamans out of the House of Lords as well. Keep it in your churches, not inflict your superstitious hogwash and vacuous prayers on the rest of us.

Next, end prayers at school assembly please :)

The latest quote by Former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey…

He said religious freedom no longer seemed to be a priority. "Equalities seem to trump all other kinds of freedom," he said

Yes, Lord Carey, you are dead right, and the problem with that is? So long as you can promote inequality and bigotry in the name of your religion, it is OK, is it? Do you actually read what you write.

Sat, 11 Feb 2012 12:07:20 UTC | #916604

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