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The notion that prests follow celibasy and live in gregarious solitude is a false notion .They thrive on manupulating the ignorance of overwhelming catholics.Their oragnisational structure is too effective that they threw and their spiritual power one way or other,playing the role of power -brokers amoung the masses choking even political parties who dont adhore to their stands .They attempt total invasion of political ,social as well as cultural feilds ( celebrating ... May day as st Josephs day,2009 year of astronomy ,templeton prize for reconsiling religion and science). Dante put it rightlyregarding pope silvester 1 ,'The first rich father who made the agreement with Emperor constatine that in an instant changed the church from being a prey of civil authority into its moral and spritual prop....

'Alas constantine ! what eveil you bore into the world,Not by your conversion,but by that dowry which the first rich father took from you !

Dont take the current semenaries, church and their life as if they are living like ancient Essanes or some role models in Umberto eco's Name of the Rose ..they are enjoying their life with wealth and prestige along with undeserved respect they receive from the ignorant .Classify them as Social parasites ... A new sub class of Lumban proletarians ..

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Yersinia pestis ..this gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium seems to be a historical Armageddon type of life form ...

statistics : Plague of Justianian in 542 ..Killed 5,000 people per day in constantinople.also resulted in total european population loss of 50 % between 541 and 700. Black death (1347 -1353 ): resulted in the death of one third of the european population (approxi :30 to 60 % of worlds population)The world took 150 years to recover from it .Left europe in 19 th century...

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Top 10 Controversial Popes : not from a atheist web site .

Compare this with the distorted facts published by catholic encyclopedia,28804,1981842_1981844,00.html

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except a minor consolation angle that it provides .. religion as a whole had done more harm to the society than any other ideologies ..(More persons had died on religious jihads than all the world wars combined together) It is really a pity that people seggregates themselves into groups on the basis of which text book's they are beleiving .Regarding Jihads and Talibans Richards quote from God delusion is more apt 'a group which beleives in atrocious ideas can do and indulge in atrocious acts

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