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Go to: Gingrich envy, and Theocracy-palooza

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Its an observable fact that the Right cares more about the Constitution/Bill of Rights than the Left. You can't watch/listen to Right Wing media without the Constitution being mentioned. The right has TV shows dedicated to the Constitution and Law. The Tea Party is a party who cries out against violations of the Constitution. You don't see Occupy participants complaining about Constitutional violations. When I listen to Left Wing media, I don't see any mention of the Constitution/Bill of Rights except to decide which Article to get rid of as was the case on the Bill Maher show a couple of weeks ago (the one with Bill Engval on it). This is how I can tell who appreciates the Constitution/Bill of Rights more as a group.

You're not from this planet, are you?

Everything you said there is so phenomenally dishonest, wrong and ignorant that it's hard to believe you can get out of bed in the morning.

Wed, 30 Nov 2011 09:28:17 UTC | #894344

Go to: As ultra-Orthodox flex muscle, Israel feminists see a backsliding

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Are posters aware there are three different sects/denominations of in general Judaism - ultra-Orthodox, Orthodox, and Reformed? The reformed are quite liberal. The Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox aren’t except when it involves what they personally want when they want it.

Are you aware that what Judaism individual Jews practice will primarily depend on their ethnicity within Judaism, and their response to Haskalah, which was the affect of the Enlightenment on European Jews in the 1800s? Not always. Just usually.

Ashkenazi Jews are the Jews of Central and Eastern Europe who have had massive migrations to other nations in the West, particularly America. They will usually practice Orthodox (Talmudic), Conservative or Reform Judaism. Conservative and Reform are schisms born of the Enlightenment. The former adheres to the rituals and traditions more than the latter. Conservative does not necessarily mean politically conservative, only conservative in the adherence to Jewish religious tradition. Orthodox Jews in the Ashkenazi aren't necessarily ultra-conservative, politically, although most are.

Sephardic Jews (North African, Middle-Eastern, and Jews who fled from Spain and Portugal during the Inquisition) are more likely to be religiously Orthodox/Talmudic, since they weren't affected by the Enlightenment in the same way. Despite that, there can be significant variation in what individual Sephardic Jews practice that can make some of them more liberal or more Orthodox.

The Haredi and Hasidic are Ashkenazi sects that rejected Haskalah vehemently, and thus are ultra-Orthodox. The main difference between them is that the Haredi aren't into the mystic/ecstatic version of Judaism that the Hasidic are. It is the Haredi who instigated the New York incident, and they are behind a great deal of the harassment of women in Israel, with Orthodox and Hasidic Jews giving anywhere from tacit to outright support.

The other sects of Judaism run the gamut. Jewish Science is a New Thought Judaism that's sort of like Christian Science, except they go to the doctor. Jewish Renewal is a very, very close counterpart to the American evangelical movement with the happy clappy and inclusiveness. Reconstructionism is a modernist, liberal sect that is more inclined to reject the rituals and traditions of Judaism and/or emphasizes a "personal relationship with God", although some Reconstructionists can veer off into deism and even near-atheism. Kabbala is an offshoot of Reconstructionism, into the hippy-dippy mystical aspects of the "personal relationship".

And there are the Humanistic Jews, also known as the secular Jews or sometimes even atheist Jews, who go to Temple or practice some of the rituals not for religious reasons, but as an expression of their ethnic heritage.

Those are the main ones, and I'm sure I'm forgetting some of the newer/more obscure sects. But that's obviously more than three sects of Judaism.

Tue, 15 Nov 2011 00:55:14 UTC | #890230

Go to: High Court rules Catholic Church liable over priests

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I'm not sure that this kind of story is appropriate here.

Thankfully, it's not for you to decide.

I am sure all right minded people don't like anyone who does what this guy is accused of. That said, what has this 'story' got to do with 'reason and science'?

Because the religious constantly hold up how much moral they are than atheists. Secular society just sent a big FUCK YOU to the Catholic Church that said it not only wasn't moral enough for secular society, but that it must answer to secular society for its crimes.

The Catholic Church increasingly has fewer reasons to claim moral superiority. Not that it will stop them, but things like this emphasize how dishonest and toothless their claims are.

Do keep up.

I also think that if folks on this site jump on it, and associate it with all the nonsense we seem to agree needs highlighting, it will dilute any message of reason that we may have.

You don't even get the message. Let us know when you catch up, then we can care what you think.

This is 'news,' but not the kind I'd bother myself with.

Then don't look at it. There's a whole huge internet out there that can occupy diddums better.

I don't think any other here should either.

Who the HELL are you to tell anyone what they should or shouldn't look at? It's none of your damned business! Again, there's a whole stinking internet out there for you. Knock yourself out, but don't you dare presume to tell me or anyone else what they can look at or put on their own damned websites.

Got it?

Wed, 09 Nov 2011 02:53:30 UTC | #888819

Go to: 'You just don't understand my religion' is not good enough

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::: Wilson points out which are irrelevant (to there being a God or not), Untrue and Accepted (ie Christians agree with RD on). Out of the 60, Wilson suggests that only 2 are really worth any discussion (the rest being red herrings or "Straw men"). Wilson then gives a god and simple response.::::


Dawkins only mentioned the STUPID ARGUMENTS CHRISTIANS USE.

That's what he was responding to, not to some phantasm in his head. Oh--wait--that's what the christards do.

Mon, 07 Nov 2011 17:40:06 UTC | #888282

Go to: Mississippi to vote on 'personhood'

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Property values in most areas of that state

The history of pre-eminence of agrarian society in the rural south including much of Mississippi. This is a problem which has not been fully addressed, much less resolved anywhere in the rural south in spite of all the Federal educational mandates and the sweeping reforms in the wake of the civil rights movement of the 1960s.


Just no.

The problem with the property values is that Mississippi intentionally keeps them depressed and don't tax at the rates they should, because they can't stand the thought of one cent of "their" money going to a n---er. The less people with money are taxed, the less that will go to a filthy n---er.

Everything in Mississippi comes back to how racist they are. Everything. The whole state is poisoned from it, and they can't get past it--because they don't want to get past it. Their jebus delusion only reinforces their hate--it's always been good at that, and good for that.

They don't care about federal mandates there. Oh, they might pay some lip service if the feds are watching. But as soon as Uncle Sam looks away, they're right back to their same old ways.

BTW, this personhood thing? The religion crap is of course the main root of the problem. But that doesn't mean racism isn't at work here. Mississippi has the highest percent of African-Americans of all the US states. 38% of its citizens are African-American. Hispanics are moving into the area, and the racists are terrified that the state will become even browner. Since they can't lynch the brown people anymore, their only alternative is to force white women to crank out enough babies to reduce the percentage of brown in their state.

If you think that's a joke, then you're far too naive.

Fri, 04 Nov 2011 04:14:23 UTC | #887226

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