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Go to: left and right fuzzy thinking subverts science - and now has converged on one "progressive" site

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PZ Myers and his website Pharyngula have been raising these issues of anti-science, anti-medicine and outright censorship at the Huffington Post for some time and he has a number of articles devoted to just that. Here's a link to a recent one.

Unfortunately, it sounds like you're fighting a losing battle and in the case of Huffington Post, maybe it's just best to throw out the baby along with the bathwater, there's plenty of other sites out there.

Sat, 10 Jul 2010 21:19:43 UTC | #487792

Go to: The "evidence" debate...

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Lucastf~Inevitably we arrived at the "well, what evidence do you have that god or any deity does not exist" argument.

Sm~I use this oldie but goodie for the perfect opportunity to point out just how close most theists are to atheists but usually don't realize it. Most theists usually only believe in a few more gods than an atheist, so they can understand not beliving in Zeus just as easily as not believing in Santa.

So when asked what evidence I have their favored god doesn't exist, I simply say, I use the same evidence YOU use to not believe in Zeus, Thor, Ganesh and so on.

Tue, 29 Jun 2010 05:58:45 UTC | #484568

Go to: Why do religious people insist on denying the truth of evolution?

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Comment 13 by Wren100 :

the real problem came with the onset of the eugenics movement in the early twentieth century. Despite the maniacal reaction of the extreme evoloutionists whenever this point is brought up, the abomination of eugenics was a direct fall-out of the theory of evolution. You can argue that eugenics is unnatural selection and therefore not part of evolution, but really, that's just the same as a Christian saying that the Crusades where not a part of Christianity because Christ preached peace, not war.

Eugenics is artificial selection, a process that was well known for thousands of years prior to the theory of evolution. It's pretty hard to argue that eugenics was a direct fall-out of evolution when it was practiced thousands of years ago in ancient Sparta and even according to many biblical tales.

Updated: Wed, 23 Jun 2010 20:31:13 UTC | #483033

Go to: Debunking Atheists top argument?

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Firstly, I personally think the "top argument" for Atheism is the complete and utter lack of any real evidence of any gods.

Secondly, this idea of compensation seems really brutal if fully realized, because to help end or even ease anyone's suffering means to risk their prime real estate in heaven. It's the perfect excuse for being an ass to all of humanity.

Updated: Tue, 22 Jun 2010 04:20:12 UTC | #482523

Go to: IBM "Watson" would be an atheist.

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Comment 9 by sciencegeek : Then, we send another Watson as a pair. Assume that if both Watson do something, it will produce another Watson. Afterwards we send the bible or injected the bible knowledge into their brain somehow. Would they believe in god then?

Keep in mind that a reading of The Bible has led many to atheism.

Would a reading of Jack and the Beanstalk have "Watson" believing in giants and geese who lay golden eggs? Or would "Watson" be rational enough to realize such a large beanstalk would collapse under it's own weight? That a large enough giant would suffer the same problems with their own weight or that clouds can't support castles?

If "Watson" or some visiting alien was given a copy of The Bible and one of Mother Goose, would it know there was a difference between either?

Mon, 21 Jun 2010 19:30:19 UTC | #482379

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