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Go to: The Magic of Reality - paperback release June 21

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Richard, thank you so much for this book I just picked up the hard cover and have been reading through selected bits with my four year old son. He loves it by the way. I never get over the shock at just how clear you are in communicating what are often difficult concepts in a clear concise way. It's far better and more engaging than any of the textbooks at my school and so full of wonder. I first noticed you when you made a TV documentary based around the blind watchmaker (I think) the shock of the logic as you clearly demonstrated exactly how evolution works changed the way I viewed everything. I still get that shock (how does it make it so easy to understand!) with each of your books I read. As a teacher I have some idea just how difficult what you have achieved is. Thank you.

Sat, 30 Jun 2012 08:16:57 UTC | #948345

Go to: Why Eastern Germany is the most godless place on Earth

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Not sure how to feel about this, if this is a relic of communism banning religion or people simply being inculcated into non-religious belief.

Having said that what we may have here is a kind of educated blank slate they are now free to believe as not as they see fit. Under communism I imagine Religion for some generations has had little effect on them. Now imagine someone coming in and trying to convince of this stuff. Religion has in the past had great success in part because they were going from high technology country (comparatively) to a lower one. If your superior powers do not convince the natives your god is superior then you can always wipe them out. Not in this case, It'd have to be a very hard sell. I've often wondered what argument would convince me to say strap a bomb onto myself and blow myself up. But it's the wrong question if you are brought up in a culture reeking of fundamentalism then you don't have to use an argument, just appeal to emotion.

Mon, 14 May 2012 14:49:18 UTC | #941401

Go to: Ultra-Orthodox Shun Their Own for Reporting Child Sexual Abuse

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“There is no nice way of saying it,” Mrs. Engelman said. “Our community protects molesters. Other than that, we are wonderful.”

I'd think it more likely that any group so hell bent on attempting to protect that scum shows itself for what it is. How many other issues is the community playing exactly the same game? I think I'll keep this article for the next person that tells me that without religion there would be no morality.

Mon, 14 May 2012 07:03:51 UTC | #941357

Go to: Darwinian Selection Continues to Influence Human Evolution

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Comment 1 by Just a thought... Even things that routinely kill people at a relatively young age (cancer, heart disease, etc.) often don't occur until after the childbearing/siring age. Those items would seem to have very little impact on the passing on of genetic traits, and would therefore not be very powerful forces for evolution due to natural selection. I think it is inevitable that there will be a worldwide economic collapse sometime in the not-so-distant future...and that will likely lead to a rapid increase in observable evolution of our species due to the effect it would have on our abilities to control our environment.

Interesting, on the other hand, more and more the West is intervening in childbirth from extremely pre-mature babies some of whom may carry genes making pre-mature birth more likely. Illness in childhood causes signification childhood death in the third world increasing selection pressure. However, I suspect that the huge proportion of the worlds population that live a harder life and the immigration of numbers of those to the West may well buffer us in that event.

Tue, 01 May 2012 20:36:51 UTC | #938799

Go to: Australia's blurred separation between church and state

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Comment 12 by Vorlund WTF! It is exactly the proximity enabled by this sort of situation that paedophiles exploit to groom their victims. With the Christian Bugggers (Brothers) activities in Australia, you'd think the Aussies would be rather more circumspect about allowing a priest anywhere near a school.

They're generally not priests (might be some retired ones somewhere), Generally, they are young evangelical Christians. The controversy is mainly around the fact that schools struggle with too few qualified councillors who can help students with issues. Essentially the chaplains offer a cheap alternative to councillors, they are subsidised, but the school does have to front up all the cash from their budget - as they would if they employed someone with formal qualifications in dealing with students suffering from a variety of trauma.

Mon, 30 Apr 2012 20:22:52 UTC | #938458

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