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This is magnificent. I too have esophageal cancer, level 2. I have some of Hitch's books and videos and I buy "Vanity Fair" Magazine just to read him. He is such an inspiration to me on the anti-religious side and with my cancer. I am a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church having suffered 12 years of my youth in a Jesuit "Concentration Camp" .

As a Proud Atheist I say "Thank 'god' I am an Atheist".

Tue, 18 Oct 2011 01:51:29 UTC | #881682

Go to: Catholics: dead pope’s blood will stop Mexican crime

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How sick is this story . So Dracula still lives, or Sr. Dracula: one of the few remaining "penguins" of the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church. I thought there were vials of the "Blessed Blood of Jesus" around as is His Holy Foreskin.

The God Virus is alive and well in Mexico.

Fri, 26 Aug 2011 03:52:29 UTC | #864353

Go to: The New Inquisition – the Roman Catholic Man Cult’s modern War on Women

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Mr. Paul, I'm glad you brought up that despicable business about Sr. McBride.

I have been posting my thoughts there as a bedraggled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church. It is interesting but typical how much support Olmsted has had. I refuse to address him is "Bishop" as I do also to anyone who was ordained or Consecrated by the Heretical Roman Catholic Church since the Vatican Second Council and the new "rules" made in 1969. Of course the brainwashed "Faithfull" have given me a hard time. Problem is that they can't handle the truth I tell them about the origin of the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church and how the Bible is the worst book of fiction ever written. I suppose these "sheeple" are too far gone - too brain-poisoned by Religion as Christopher Hitchens wrote.

Could one expect any different in the United Christian States of America. My comments there are under my real name, Robert Tobin

Wed, 29 Dec 2010 06:14:26 UTC | #570005

Go to: The Australian Book of Atheism

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I have just finished reading this excellent book. I think it is one of te best books of it's kind I have read. I have books by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Dan Barker and Daniel Dennett plus books debunking Religion.

I am Australian. I am a bedragled refugee from the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church now a proud and very active Atheist. I am very well read in the Bible, Ancient History, Ancient Egypt and the history of the Foundation of the Roman Catholic Church.

I was not sure what I was going to get when I ordered this book. I felt I should support this book and it's author and contributors. I am glad I did. The book is far better than I thought it was going to be. The contributors are excellent and experts in their fields. The book is written as somebody stated for "no-brainers" (I hope that refers to Christians as well). It means that it is a very easy book to read and understand.

The book tells as it is, and has been in Australia for religion and for non-believers. I am 70 years old and remember a lot of the history, sordid in many cases of Christianity in Australia. The Roman Catholic Church stands out as one that has interferred in Politics and the lives of people. It was responsible in part for the great split in the Labor Party and formation of the DLP at the hands of one of the worst bigots, Dr. Daniel Mannix, Archbishop of Melbourne at the time. I was a Xavier College (Jesuit) at the time.

I hope this book helps in the further destruction of Religion in Australia. I think the figures now show that only about 60% of Australians believe in "God". (Census figures)and only about 7% of Believers attend Church on a regular basis.

Sat, 11 Dec 2010 02:33:13 UTC | #561555

Go to: God's soft white underbelly

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If "god" gave man free will then the Church he sent his only begotten son to set up, the "Holy" Roman Catholic Church took it away slaughtering countless numbers of people in the process.

Tue, 09 Nov 2010 11:38:29 UTC | #544567

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