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Go to: What if religious spouse stops you saying what you DON'T believe?

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I still do not understand, and probably never will why anyone bothers to pursue relationships of this sort, where something as powerful as belief, in a particular faith, can interfere so much with the marriage and even the upbringing of the children.

I genuinely am unable to comprehend how people can let their emotions for a person manipulate them so much that despite their differing views on rather crucial subjects they feel the need to pursue romantic relationships.

It isn't particularly pleasant, I'd wager, for the wife nor the husband, to have arguments over such infantile notions. But, most of all, it is potential mental abuse for their children, if they end up having religious views pushed on them by one parent or the other.

Over at rationalskepticism, I've seen a few people asking for help with their marriage, the situation being the same, one of them being religious, the other a staunch atheist.

Given that I have no experience with relationships, apart from the quite often negative ones others have told me, and that I do not want to have experience of it, all the "advice" I could offer in situations like this is to not bother with the relationship/marriage. Of course, it is more difficult to severe ties with the other person once children enter into the picture.

People should really choose their partners more carefully, especially if something like religious views can disrupt an otherwise good relationship so easily.

Love conquers all, though. Or so they say.

Sat, 15 Jan 2011 20:24:36 UTC | #578973

Go to: Where do atheist morals come from?

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As the OP, I was brought up in a non-religious environment. As it has been discerned so far, we gain our morals largely from our parents and peers, and by experiencing the world around us. Part of morality can be said to be innate in us, as an evolutionary trait that allowed us to progress this far. The rise of human civilization, groups, settlements, cities, empires, trade...etc. is evidence that we didn't need any sort of religious texts to tell how to live our lives. Of course, there were countless battles, but it cannot be claimed in any way, that with religion they were gone, for there were more bloodshed for religious reasons alone, than for any other.

When confronted with such inane questions from theists, one should simply ask:

How do they think we've made it as far as hunting and gathering in groups and living in small settlements, when there were no laws written in stone let alone books?

Mon, 27 Sep 2010 21:02:43 UTC | #525929

Go to: MicroRNA Linked to Shut-Down of DNA-Repair Genes

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This, the microRNA,

and all the viruses and (some of the) diseases that could kill us,

"Some design!"

Hitchens can now list this after mentioning that the Andromeda is heading for us, this is the only planet (not completely) perfect for life in the Solar system, 70.8 % is water, too hot and too cold zones, viruses, diseases from "God's" other creations...etc.

Another nail.

Sat, 01 May 2010 04:46:00 UTC | #464465

Go to: Creationism propaganda for children caught on camera

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I've already seen either this video or another where Ham does the same, and I can't bring myself to watch it again.

What he's doing to these smart kids (already heard of evolution and dinosaurs) is appalling and he should be silenced, and his museum burned to ash.

This is infuriating! The minds of all those kids there have been forfeited. Partially because of Ham and partially because their infantile parents took them there to listen to that pest.

Fri, 30 Apr 2010 19:09:00 UTC | #464386

Go to: Colombia cardinal defends church's abuse policies

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Why would they ask that of the church? That's the injustice. It's not about defending a pedophile, it's about defending the dignity and the human rights of a person, even the worst of criminals."

What rights!? The moment someone is revealed to be responsible for something like child-molesting and then an attempt to cover it up, that person loses every right he/she has.

These trash no longer have, or should not have, ANY rights!

The only right they might have is to remain silent, sit quietly and wait for sentence.

Mon, 26 Apr 2010 07:57:00 UTC | #462966

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