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Noooooo! You could say stuff...erm...i can't! The Hitch is dead, long live the hitch slap!

Fri, 16 Dec 2011 06:45:16 UTC | #899449

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What a truly disgusting person. He actually seems to be implying that his victims benefited from the 'relationships' . This shows a shockingly arrogant attitude of entitlement and no regard or recognition of the rights/feelings of others.

Fri, 15 Apr 2011 10:14:42 UTC | #615735

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Thanks for the feedback. Fortunately, we do have some great books that are used frequently including, "Evolution The Story of Life by Douglas Palmer and Peter Barrett". It is beautifully illustrated so that even a young child can enjoy it. Thanks for all the suggestions, I agree with T Porter that school only has a small part to play in a childs learning. However, I will definately give my feedback on the storysack as I can't bear the thought of another child being misled when I could have easily done something about it. Yes Wondernerd, I can still remember the books from my childhood when dinosaurs looked so stupid and boring, now they one the coolest subjects for kids today. I really don't know what a caveman is (when and where he lived)just a general understanding of stoneage man. I need to find more information on this subject.

Sun, 24 Oct 2010 04:49:16 UTC | #537944

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Chris Mal, this has been a problem for her older sister (8yrs). She was openly laughed at in the classroom for talking about evolution. The children responsible were not reprimanded. Ironically, they have also been educated as to not critisise another's beliefs as it is not nice to hurt someones feelings unecessarily. @ Steve Hill, I understand where you are coming from. My daughter still belives in fairies etc. I love all of that and encourage a fertile imagination. However, all of the books supplied are factual not fiction and is meant to be a learning experience so I am conflicted. The local church teaches biblical stories as historical fact and I just feel that school should be free of that. @ T Porter The child is able to keep the story sack for a week so I will return it with my feedback on Friday 29th. Yes, I also agee with the problem aspect. I am from England and experienced a major culture shock coming to Scotland. My jaw still falls when I see my neighbours, relatively young, intelligent successful people trundle off to church every week and swallow the Noahs Ark baloney as fact. My 5 year old was even told by her play mate in the street that she would die and not go to heaven if she did not believe in dod.

Sat, 23 Oct 2010 15:55:20 UTC | #537748

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Hi Calliinectes, yes I think it would be a good idea to find the source. We live in a community where the local church has a lot of connections with the school. Several of my neighbours attend the church. Their children attend the church (including the ministers children). All of the people that "help" the church are also quite active within the school too. So as a non denominational school, the story sack may not have been officially donated by the church there may certainly be an influence there.

Hi T Porter, as Calliinectes has pointed out it seems that storysacks are a concept that has been adopted and adapted by individual councils and schools. The idea is the contents of the sack provide a more rewarding experience than a reading book alone. It is designed for the child and adult to use together as a learning experience. The other materials, props, games, activities etc. enhance the learning from the books and encourage creativity.

Sat, 23 Oct 2010 14:34:28 UTC | #537703

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