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Go to: Before Wolves May Be Hunted, Science, Faith and Politics Clash

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I know some stories about wolves, too! Maybe we should base legislative decisions on them, too. Clearly wolves are a danger to straw and stick infrastructures, so they should be protected with poisoned pork bait.

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 01:14:25 UTC | #926812

Go to: [Updated 15th Jan]- Atheists have no right... - Atheists face Muslim-led censorship from UCL Union

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Believers have no right to not be offended.

Mon, 16 Jan 2012 18:51:12 UTC | #908897

Go to: In the Blink of Bird’s Eye, a Model for Quantum Navigation

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There is a very good lecture on Quantum Life on YouTube. It mostly talks about quantum effects in photosynthesis, but there is a small section on this topic, and quantum smell, as well.

Fri, 04 Feb 2011 21:49:33 UTC | #588050

Go to: [UPDATE] - NASA-Funded Research Discovers Life Built With Toxic Chemical

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I think it should be noted that this bacteria can use arsenic instead of phosphorus if they have to, but primarily still uses phosphorus. And to say it thrives is a bit misleading, too. It growth rate is considerably stunted and the individual cells are bloated and deformed.

The P-O bond length is 163pm while As-O is 178pm. So the arsenate replacing phosphate in the metabolism is only about 10% larger, the same enzymes could still work, just not as efficiently, explaining the slower growth rate. And enzymes that have phosphate groups will be slightly deformed as well.

Also, even after growing in pure arsenate solutions (no phosphate available) there were still traces of phosphorus in the cells, and arsenate linked DNA would be much more unstable in water then phosphate linked DNA, the bacteria could have been using all their available phosphate to keep their DNA stable.

I am disturbed by how often the phrase "arsenic based life" is being associated with this story. "Carbon/silicon based life" terminology has specific meaning, that is, a chemical system based on polymer chains of the indicated element. That is not what this is. Also, these bugs are not "living on arsenic" as a food source, just like we don't "live on salt." We need it for the chemistry of life, not as an energy source.

Finally, as a potential alternative type of life in the universe to look for, phosphorus is 1,000 to 10,000 times more abundant in the universe then arsenic is.

Sat, 04 Dec 2010 01:07:55 UTC | #558177

Go to: UN to Take Up Measure Suppressing Religious Criticism; Votes Against Sexual Orientation Protection

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So it is a human rights violation to criticize other peoples human rights violations just because they're done under the guise of "religion"!? And this has been passed six times before? This is nothing more then pandering to religious demands. Islam should be condemned, not protected!

Sat, 20 Nov 2010 14:42:29 UTC | #550474

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