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Go to: The Evolution of the God Gene

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Well, Just to nit pick...

I like everything except this phrase "but gets less credit for its staple function of patching up the moral fabric of society". But the journalist does go on to say it's not necessarily the case. Then again, religion back then may have been a form of moral superiority.

Good article though

Mon, 16 Nov 2009 17:28:00 UTC | #413872

Go to: Debate - Hitchens, Harris, Dennett vs Boteach, D'Souza, Wright

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2 hours and 16 minutes - long one!

Apart from the audio issues. Can Anyone who's watched it tell me if it's worth sitting through the entire thing? Or is there boring bits you'd recommend skipping through. (I'm short on time this week).


Mon, 16 Nov 2009 09:14:00 UTC | #413755

Go to: I am become Death, destroyer of worlds

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@Sally: The 'little mammal's' were best suited for survival in such harsh conditions because they're energy requirements to live is literally nothing in comparison to the 'large' reptilian animals that your probably referring to. When we have an environment which has been literally strangled, the less you can live on, the better. Unfortunately those in which largely went extinct were the ones that necessitated a lot more resources (that simply weren't available) to survive. Keep in mind there's also a lot more too it than just that.

Wed, 28 Oct 2009 15:25:00 UTC | #409349

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