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Go to: Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion

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87. Comment #440583 by Niccolo

Seldom have I seen such strawmen.

You're suggesting that we criticise christianity a lot but not islam. This simply isn't true, something you would have seen if you had just looked further than a thread in which the discussion is regarding the banning of a building. What I was pointing out is that it was a building that had been banned, but if we want to make it more accurate:

"Yes, I do remember that day when we banned chruch towers. Ah, good times."

I suppose you would expect a discussion on banning church towers to be about the crazy things christians believe and how silly it is?

Now, we could continue discussing what you think this site is and isn't, but it's 3 AM here and I have to be up soon. Therefore, good night.

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 02:13:00 UTC | #422067

Go to: Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion

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81. Comment #440571 by Niccolo

Yes, I do remember that day when we banned chruches. Ah, good times.

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 01:18:00 UTC | #422053

Go to: Swiss ban on minarets was a vote for tolerance and inclusion

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That's it, now I can't be quiet anymore.

When it comes to banning anything, be it a building or symbols, it's quite simply a bad idea. What could this possibly bring besides extremism?

What do people do when they're in a foreign place? They seek security in the familiar, and in this case the familiar is islam and the mosque. To illustrate this, if you're in a group of people whom you don't feel entirely comfortable with, but a friend of yours is also there, don't you seek your friend out? What happens when they also sense hostility coming from this foreign enviroment? Will it be to seek to assimilate and join it? Would you walk over to that group and try to make friends? No, it will completely eliminate the chance of this happening.

I hate to bang on about my own country, but I'm limited by my knowledge of other countries' policies. So before Hirsi Ali starts criticising Sweden she might like to consider that in Sweden no law, as far as I've heard or been able to find, has been legislated specifically against islam. And I'd say things are working out pretty well as far as the muslims go. The numbers I found regarding how religious muslims are in Sweden usually stated that around 15% are religious, a newspaper even placed it at 5%. What happened here wasn't a successful supression of islam. No, what happend was a successful assimilation (to a large degree, at least).

Assimilation, afterall, does not mean that muslims have to cease being muslims. It only means that they see themselves as a swede, brit or a swiss etc., and hold those values. Is anyone likely to do this when that country keeps throwing hostility at them?

I wish I didn't have to point this out, but if one group was hostile towards you while another was not, which would you join? Would you join the hostile group and take on their values?

Thu, 10 Dec 2009 01:17:00 UTC | #422052

Go to: Group organizes to be 'good without God'

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Funny that the newest PHD comics ( should have such an accurate description in its last two panels of how I felt just now, at least if you replace the sigh with an agonized groan.

Apparently this doesn't work, which is sad because I really liked my time here, the year before I started commenting as well. However, not only am I not going to use an avatar at all, I'll also stop posting comments. This will no doubt seem melodramatic to most people and perhaps rightly so. But I don't want to ever have to come back to my apartment after having a nice night with people I really love to have the great feeling drop like a cannon ball in the bottom of my stomach.

Especially since some people seem to dislike any derailment of the comment section (I'm certain Steve is not alone) this seems like the prudent choice seeing as how whenever I post more than two comments in the same thread it derails.

This one not only derailed, but also exploded and burned down half a town.

I'll just go back to lurking.

And no, trust me, this is not a cry for attention or whatever else people might like to ascribe it to. Indeed there's no real point in any of you responding to this, whether it be with scorn or anything else, as I most likely won't read this thread anymore. I really just don't want to have to feel terrible over something as pointless as this.


Sat, 05 Dec 2009 00:11:00 UTC | #420358

Go to: Group organizes to be 'good without God'

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65. Comment #438710 by Quetzalcoatl

It's the least I could do... And now I will take my leave. I'll be back in two hours... maybe. If not, don't worry, I've probably just been hit by a bus or something.

Fri, 04 Dec 2009 16:35:00 UTC | #420239

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