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Go to: Ireland's sons turn their backs on the priesthood

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I'm told that recruits for seminaries in Poland are collapsing too - because it is now so easy for gay Poles to go get a life elsewhere in Europe.

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 11:47:40 UTC | #506377

Go to: Champion of UK burka ban declares war on veil-wearing constituentsd

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I can't see this as an issue for atheists. Just for narrow minded bigots. Glad to see the idea doesn't get much support here.

Sat, 17 Jul 2010 09:24:51 UTC | #489488

Go to: What happens when you display "Forbidden art"

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Comment 6 by sirmailbox :

Russia has always been backwards, utterly rooted in totalitarianism. I don't think we can expect it to shake off those old filthy tendencies any time soon.

Yes, yes, yes - but you are drawing the wrong conclusion. A dreadful past and yet it is making big strides forwards. For every step forward the reaction is invariably just to say how far behind they are.

Enormous improvements are being presented as a bad static situation by big chunks of the Western media (often in cohorts with former Russian Oligarchs now out of favour with the current regime for meddling in politics and over criminal activities - such at Khordovsky's backers).

Of course, the quite deliberate manipulation of Russia's image by parts (not all) of the Western media actually makes russia look better in comparison.

Tue, 13 Jul 2010 23:10:54 UTC | #488510

Go to: What happens when you display "Forbidden art"

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I'd feel a lot more interested if I didn't know just how devoted the Economist magazine is to bashing all things Russian and especially all things Medvedev/Putin.

I was a subscriber or 20 years and really loved it, but on a handful of issues they just get them wrong wrong wrong for decades. And it is personalities and personal agendas that cause it (made easier by rarely revealing authors names).

Mon, 12 Jul 2010 23:07:52 UTC | #488317

Go to: The Narcissism of the Small Difference

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Hichens has been to N Ireland - so surely he knows that it has always been an economic and power war there, nothing to do with religion. He hints, with out saying it, that Religion is teh main cause in this things - something which is nonsense - the underlying fault lines strengthen the religious differences, not the other way around.

He is smart enough to avoid saying something palpably false, but nasty enough to let people think he has said it. Shame on him.

Thu, 01 Jul 2010 20:51:49 UTC | #485588

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