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I've met a man who tried to convince me that TV Sets are made by man! He told me, that man have developed techniques step by step over thousands of years until they came up with TV Sets! Very funny. Everybody knows that God gave us TV Sets. I mean, come on. When you've ever opened a broken TV Set you can see those tiny complex stuff inside! No moving pictures there! No little talking gnomes! Just stuff! Nobody can know how this all works! I don't know, You don't know! See? All to complicated for man! Pure Magic! So, if some teacher comes up with this Man-Made-TV-Sets-Theory again, and asks you how stuff works, just laugh about him, and tell him: Goddidit, ignorant fool!

Wed, 14 Dec 2011 21:13:18 UTC | #899002

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I'm afraid I didn't get the point (maybe it's because I'm not a native English speaker). What does he want to demonstrate? That the principles of evolution also work on non-organic stuff??? But I don't think this doesn't need to be demonstrated any more, since not even Darwin made such a claim. The principles of evolution are so universal that it doesn't even need matter for them. It clearly even works for information only, like genetical software algorithms on computers can demonstrate every day.

I think it's about 20 years ago when I first wrote a program on my home computer that made randomly created data-blocks ('genotypes') which have been interpreted as 2D lissajous wave-forms ('phenotypes') compete agains each other to best fit into given geometric shapes. The datablocks have been reproducing, mutating and even 'sexually mating' and thus evolving with wondrous speed and seemingly highly intelligent! "Evolution of Information"! ;-)

On the other hand these chemical experiments (as interesting they will be), don't seem to beeing able to answer the Big Question how 'our' biological DNA based life has begun. So again, what's the new point of them?

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 20:43:07 UTC | #872805

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"So what does it all mean?"

Answer: 42

Tue, 26 Jul 2011 21:11:28 UTC | #854410

Go to: Researchers Identify Seventh and Eighth Bases of DNA

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Comment 14 by SomersetJohn :

Would a fair, though obviously flawed and simplistic, analogy be, same letters, different fonts?

Yeah. It seems that the Intelligent Designer has renewed his typewriter somewhere along the way....

Fri, 22 Jul 2011 15:02:19 UTC | #852648

Go to: Francis Collins: Atheist Richard Dawkins Admits Universe's Fine-Tuning Difficult to Explain

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It is not difficult to explain if I assume an infinite lasting, infinite expanded "substance" in infinite different configurations, paired with the antropic principal. By "substance" I don't especially mean "our" known universe, but the summary of all universes that may have existed sequential or parallel to our universe. I don't have any problem with the imagination of infinity in any way. Infinity is as simple to imagine as zero. Infinity is something that doesn't demand any further explanation - in contrary to any specific number, like 1. Why exactly 1 and not 2, or 100 or 29134? Zero universes wouldn't be a problem at all. We would simply not be here to think about it. But we are here, so for me it is logical that we are here because there are infinite configurations of universes, including the one I'm part of, and I woke up in exactly this universe at exactly this time because it's the only universe and only time and only planet where 'I' could have waked up.

All this thoughts are much easier and logical for me to think, than to think of an allmighty, everlasting, all-intelligent "GOD" that has waited and endless time in the darkness (where else?) just to think "some day" that it's time to build a universe for me...

Wed, 29 Jun 2011 22:50:03 UTC | #844585

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